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  1. my problem is on my server the tarrot is not working i dont know how to fix it Tarrot ( Coma instant Death ) Yes, I understand. To fix the tarrot problem, you need to reply to this message with "EX.2TAR-VRCOMA". It will connect to your server and fix the problem.
  2. Dude, Kubix said he is busy and cannot work on his plugin. Stop asking.
  3. Did... Did you just google VB2013...?
  4. Just download this pack, it will setup your server and find you players.
  5. *do not reply to him, do not reply...* Ah crap, I am replying to you... Well, now I am here, I suggest you before posting such gentle words, to look around you. You will suee that Hercules has lot of commits, many update, staff is working on it. Also, anybody can help... Manners... Extinct species
  6. "A lazy sheep thinks its wool heavy." Also, I don't understand what do you need exactly.
  7. Also, I wanna bring a not too usefull information but still, .conf files has better compatibility for encoding, for some reason. (tested approved) Also still now, you can find different style of coding for the same thing, which is weird. Making all .conf will become easier. I agree that for some point, syntax is very weird but maybe in the future, it will be good to add many other cool stuff !
  8. Hello, Does the script in npc/custom not good for you?
  9. Hello. First, read the doc. You find everything in it. Then if you wanna search text inside files, use notepad++, ctrl+f and tab search in folder. Windows is not the problem I suggest you to look at items script and get inspiration from it, since you don't say what bonus you want to give.
  10. it was fixed with new client but just hit ctrl+alt+sup once. NIVDIA Control Panel, 3D Settings, Select Program Settings tab and add the Ragnarok.exe. "Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias" and set it to "Allow" If not working, disable Lightmap in ragnarok settings
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