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  1. Not sure why mob_dead doesn't work for you. I was going to suggest foreachinrange, but that applies a function. now there is another function called map_count_oncell (called by map->count_oncell) Example code Under the assumption of a rectangular range & positive range value: /*========================================== * Locates whether or not a target is in range. * Returns true if a target is in range, else returns false * Range: amount of cells aroudn the user * type: Types of block to count (E.g. Mobs, PC, NPC, etc.) * flag: * 0x1 - only count standing units *------------------------------------------*/ bool map_entity_in_range(int16 m, int16 x, int16 y, int16 range, int type, int flag) { int i, j; for (i = -range; i < (range + 1); i++) for (j = -range; i < (range + 1); j++) if (map->count_oncell(m, x+i, y+j, type, flag)) return true; return false; }
  2. Eternity, I sent you a PM earlier. However, it has come to my Attention that rAthena already has a script command that does this, namely:bonus2 bSubSkill,sk,n;
  3. Here you go. prontera,150,150,5 script SizeChanger 4_M_PECOKNIGHT,{ mes "What size would you like to have?"; mes "These changes are persisant after logout"; next; sizeVal = select("Normal:Small:Large") -1; mes "There you go!"; close2; OnPCLoginEvent: atcommand "@size "+ sizeVal; end; }
  4. This works for me (thinking you mean this) prontera,150,150,5 script Jump 123,{ set .Map$,.Maps$[rand(getarraysize(.Maps$))]; announce "Jumper Event : Go Find me!! I'm here in "+.Map$+"!!!",bc_yellow; goto OnStart; OnStart: while(1) { //Initiate an infinite loop set [email protected],rand(0,300); //Set a randon X coordinate set [email protected],rand(0,300); //Set a random Y coordinate if(checkcell(""+.Map$+"",[email protected],[email protected],cell_chkpass)) break; //If cell is walkable break out of the loop } unitwarp(getnpcid(0), .Map$, [email protected], [email protected]); delwaitingroom; waitingroom "Hello World",0; end; OnWhisperGlobal: if(!getgmlevel()) end; dispbottom [email protected] + " " + [email protected]; end; OnInit: setarray .Maps$[0],"prontera"; // Possible maps end; } prontera,1,1,1 duplicate(Jump) Jump#prt 123 If you whisper "npc:Jump" as a GM you can get the coördinates of the location. I Didn't take any liberation on changing anything else other than the requested. Eitherway, goodluck!
  5. Ah, that's right. I forgot to remove that. I'll fix it once I get home, thanks! Update: It has been pushed to my Git, please refer to the first link, thanks!
  6. File Name: Bonus ReduceSkillDamage File Submitter: Jeroen File Submitted: 16 may 2017 File Category: Plugins For Building Plugins: Windows: http://herc.ws/wiki/...Plugin_for_MSVC Linux: http://herc.ws/wiki/..._Plugin_for_gcc Usage: item bonus command: bonus2 bReduceSkillDamage x,y; // x = skill id, y = % Example: { Id: 8001 AegisName: "Custom_Card" Name: "Custom Card" Type: 6 Buy: 20 Weight: 10 Loc: 32 Script: <" bonus2 bReduceSkillDamage,MO_EXTREMITYFIST,50; //Reduces Asura strikes damage by 50% "> }, you can find it on my github here.
  7. What you can do is give players access to @showexp or use @showexp on login. Unless you want to do exp tracking, you'll have to request a script command that returns the amount of tax that is attached to the player.
  8. Hereby I drop yet another plugin. This plugin allows you to use "bBonusSkillLevel" which increases the skill level of skill x by y after casting. Be weary though, going over the max skill level might have a few quirks. If you want it to go over level 10, you might need to edit your skill_db (Have not tested, can however confirm that going over level 10 does work on some skills). File Name: BonusSkill.c File Submitter: Jeroen File Submitted: 19 April 2017 File Category: Plugins For Building Plugins: Windows: http://herc.ws/wiki/...Plugin_for_MSVC Linux: http://herc.ws/wiki/..._Plugin_for_gcc Usage: item script command: bBonusSkillLevel,x,y; // x = skill_id y = skills level to add Example: (if you use double strafing, cast one that is two levels higher instead) { Id: 1715 AegisName: "Arbalest_" Name: "Arbalest" Type: 4 Buy: 48000 Weight: 1000 Atk: 90 Range: 5 Slots: 2 Job: { Archer: true Thief: true Hunter: true Rogue: true Bard: true } Loc: 34 WeaponLv: 3 EquipLv: 33 View: 11 Script: <" bonus bBonusSkillLevel,AC_DOUBLE,2; "> }, you can find it on my github here. Note: I Couldn't find the proper entry point for skill levels, I figured I should look around in unit.c / clif.c. For now it's overloading battle_calc_attack. if you happen to find any bugs. or skills it doesn't work on (when final skill level <= 10), or if you have any suggestions Please let me know!
  9. Jeroen


    I noticed that the last file upload was in February the 22nd, it might be possible that the person in charge of the download section has gone missing. Therefore I just posted it on my github in the mean time. You can find it here: https://github.com/garet999/HerculesPlugins/tree/master/src/Plugins
  10. Jeroen


    I've (Quickly) assembled a custom script command to test the plugin manager (on how I should use it). Hereby I drop a custom script command as a plugin. File Name: findmob File Submitter: Jeroen File Submitted: 16 April 2017 File Category: Plugins For Building Plugins: Windows: http://herc.ws/wiki/...Plugin_for_MSVC Linux: http://herc.ws/wiki/..._Plugin_for_gcc Usage: script command: findmob(<arrayname>,<monsterid>); stores the monster's permanent spawn maps and amount (note it's stored back to back, if a mob has two spawn locations the maps will be on index 0 and 2 while the amount are on 1 and 3 please refer to the example below.) Example: (It's a string array, if the amount is used, parse it using atoi) morocc,154,89,6 script findmobtest 1_M_SIZ,{ input [email protected]; findmob([email protected]$,[email protected]); for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]$); [email protected] += 2){ dispbottom "mob spawns on map " + [email protected]$[[email protected]] + " ( " + [email protected]$[[email protected]+1] + ")"; } } Click here to download this file (When it has been approved) (Sorry dastgir, I stole your template!) Alternatively you can find it on my github here.
  11. Isn't it better to use compare? (E.G: if( compare(@warp$,"pr") || @warp$ == "0") -> do.... It'll cut down your script size :-P, also its not case sensitive that way. try to use Temporarily npc variables as well [email protected]$
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