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  1. i don't know is problem of patch or not i tried what you say but i still not work i downloaded nemo from 'https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo' and my client is downloaded from http://nemo.herc.ws/ can you give me your original ragexe(2019-03-22) , diff list and clientinfo? i think maybe clientinfo is the key point
  2. i use ra for test the process is 'select server' -> 'type user and password' -> ->'client sent packet to server ' 'server get packet and login' now 2018-06-20(ragexe) login sucessful but 2019-03-22(ragexe) after 'type use and password' , did't sent packet to server or snet to wrong IP(i don't know) both of them in same folder and use same data.grf the attachment is my test client which only diff recommended BTW,does <servertype> and <servicetype> will effect client work or not? TESTCLIENT.rar
  3. can you give me your clientinfo which point to and tested can be used ? or your new client diff list? i tried 2018-06-20 and 2019-03-22 with same grf ,2018-06-20 is work fine but 2019-03-22 still can't sent packet to server
  4. after i use old grf file,the client can show the servers list finally but i get a new problem,after i select server and type user and pass client seems like not sent packet to my select IP i already check the clientinfo.xml ,that is point to right IP and port, and use 2018-06-20 can enter to the server have any patch need to diff? i already diff 'remove hardcode add/port'
  5. the client 2018-12-XX and last the login interface was changed , and clientinfo.xml file seems like unused i try to modify some info, but still not work original modifyed and i can't find and related file like 'sclient.xml' in data.grf any one know how to solved it? @4144
  6. 9/21 Update 200+ Headwear Now you can see all my maked sprites equiped preview in our website "Ragnarok Artist Collection Shop"
  7. haha ,they are maked into .act and spr. I will post some freebies after i prepare finish
  8. Now you can see all sprite equiped preview in our website ────────────────9/21 Update Headwear ──────────────── ────────────────9/5 Update Fairy walk ──────────────── ────────────────9/3 Update Fairy Fly──────────────── ────────────────Before sprites,Wings────────────────
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