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  1. Maybe check out Arrow Shower? Only skill I can think of that's not point and click on enemy.
  2. Packet ver should be 52? in clientinfo.xml Also try langtype 0 or 1 if that don't work ~ read about some people having issues with different langtypes not sure tho.
  3. I never knew ::OnAt was anything could you explain to me exactly what that means or is? I don't see any information on that (searching ::OnAt only shows this post I made) Maybe I'm just bad at searching? Now that I'm paying attention I also see "::On" being used on some other scripts. Sorry to be a pain but id rather not just copy and paste it and say fixed. (Also I never knew GM Ocean had a huge scripting guide pinned here... I've been learning via trial and error... and looking at other scripts.+ the Wiki I'll def be reading that. Sorry again thanks for your help. Also to you @evilpuncker thanks! ~getgmlevel is deprecated so I just put getgroupid like my original script seems to work fine either way thanks~
  4. I'm trying to to use bindatcmd to open a menu.. not sure what I'm doing wrong I always get "npc_event: event not found" error. - script gmmenu -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "gmmenu",strnpcinfo(3)+"::GM_Menu"; end; GM_Menu: if (getgroupid() >= 60){ set [email protected]$,"menu1:menu2"; switch(select([email protected]$)){ case 1: mes "menu1"; close; case 2: mes "menu2"; close; } } }