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  1. Download the Mysgit from the link Jabote's provided from his reply and that should solve your problem.
  2. Try this one. I found it on rAthena.
  3. Hello. Sorry. I have a mod that prevents players from doing any kind of transaction if it's enabled. I'd like to know if it's also possible to prevent them from deleting their character if their account is locked by this mod. Edited my first post.
  4. Hello. I have a custom command, @lock. This command prevents players from trading, dropping items or doing any kind of transactions. I just want to ask if there's a way to prevent players from deleting their character if their account is locked by this command? Thank you. Regards, Legato
  5. Hello. I'm using 2012-04-10a. Tried RageexeRE and Rageexe. It disconnects me whenever I try to connect. I always get unsupported packets 0x0369 and 0x094b. I diffed these 2 clients without skip packet header obfuscation and Disable Nagle Algorithm but still can't login. packet_obfuscation: 2
  6. Hi. Thank you. It's working now.
  7. Hello. It's my first time here at Hercules and I have a problem, Git isn't working. I always get this error. Anyway, I've downloaded it using TortoiseSVN. But, I can't open Hercules-9, Hercules-10 or Hercules-12. I have MS Visual Studio C++ 2010 and 2008 installed in my computer.