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  1. I already tested, but it does not work. I'll test again
  3. Você é o rapaz que pega plugins prontos daqui, compra scripts e revende falando que foi você quem fez? mas é um bosta mesmo.. Vulgo ragnarok brasil service kkkkk só sabe rippar temas do eadev e revender, além de revender plugins GRATUITOS do Dastgir por dinheiro. lixo humano
  4. Hello! I'm looking for a spriter/mapper that makes mobs custons and custons maps, it's a rework in events maps and creation of new mobs custons. The idea is to make a server different and customized. Payment method: PayPal
  5. Hello, I would suggest and ask for a script with daily, weekly and monthly ranking. Also, swap the pvp points for items. A "point changer".
  6. Hello, how are you? I would like to make a modification where mind breaker it was possible to get in the same group/guild, use in a friend. Is it possible? How do I do it? sry bad english, i'm use google tradutor.
  7. sobre a ad, nunca vi isso cara. sobre a reden, se o cara que tiver recebendo reden tomar dispell toma o dano, caso tiver recebendo dano de reden, tá errado
  8. Hello, someone knows these plugins and know where to get ? RCX Plugin: You use the @rcx command and already carries a plugin using the own Clonewars: You use an NPC where you can choose as his "clone guild" will be, if you have very creators dd, dd hw and so on.. the player to die, the clones guild dies. RCX Plugin: Clonewars: att,
  9. Olá, alguém conhece esses plugins e sabe aonde adquirir? RCX Plugin: Voce usa o comando @rcx e ja carrega um plugin utilizando o proprio CloneWars: Voce usa um NPC onde pode escolher como sua "guild de clones" vai ser, se tem muito creators dd, hw dd e assim vai.. o player que morrer, a guild de clones morre. RCX Plugin: CloneWars: Att,