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  1. In almost all cases, Docker containers are the way to go. I believe it comes down to providing options. VMs can provide virtualization on a hardware level and provide the entire linux experience. Nice question. Now with Vagrant… I’m not quite sure. I think that’s just a manager for VirtualBox and Docker.
  2. On the topic of migrating documentation, I'm curious if the Doxygen pages can be put into Githhub as well... hmmmm.
  3. This is a good question for those learning Git. If I understand correctly: you pulled the latest Hercules update and want to go back. Terminology wise, SVN is different from Git. SVN is Subversion; which is an alternative to Git. Here's the Git command you're looking for: (remember to cd into where ever you cloned your Hercules repository) git checkout <branch or commitid> I can't tell you where or when that change was made, since I'm very new to this project. You can do some research if you use: git log --follow <path to file> Hercules Github might have an easier to read interface for checking the logs.
  4. It's a bit hard to find a category to fit this topic. I've setup a virtual machine for Hercules development for myself last weekend. I have a VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) with the source, libs, and tools setup on it; tips from this post. It's sometimes helpful to pass around a disk image for new developers. Figure I'd share what I came up with. The Download: herc_ro_dev-ubuntu-vdi.7z (I used MEGA as a site to share this. Maybe you know a better one) Be aware: When you uncompress it, it'll need 12GB of space. If you're on a mac, probably want p7zip to extract. Information on the VM: Operating System ..... Ubuntu 16.0 x64 Root Password ........ passwd1 User ................. dev User Password ........ passwd1 Default Shell ........ zsh MySQL Root Password .. passwd1 MySQL RO User ........ ragnarok MySQL RO Password .... ragnarok MySQL RO Database .... ragnarok Paths (when you login as dev user): ~/git ........ I cloned the git repositories here. Already have Hercules cloned. Remember to update it. Profiles not configured. ~/svn ........ Subversion repositories. ~/script .... .zshrc sources a hercules.env in this directory. ~/foss ....... Directory with the FOSS packages I downloaded. ~/.app ....... Local binaries and development libraries for local dev user. Typically for overriding existing binaries and paths. Installed software: ZSH: Shell is only set for the dev user. VIM: With plugins Vundle, YouCompleteMe, Syntastic, VIM-Commentary, VIM-GitGutter, Unite. Syntasic has been configured with Haru's syntax highlighter for scripting. MySQL: The password and ragnarok user information above. Visual Sudio Code: Already has C/C++ and Git plugins. Useful GUI-based IDE. Useful Aliases (in ~/script/hercules.env): cdr ........ Goes to the root directory of Hercules. (~/git/Hercules) cds ........ Goes to Hercules source directory. (~/git/Hercules/src) cdcommon ... common directory under hercules' source. cdlogin .... login directory under hercules' source. cdchar ..... char directory under hercules' source. cdmap ...... map directory under hercules' source. cdconfig ... config directory under hercules' source. cdplugins .. plugins directory under hercules' source. cdtest ..... test directory under hercules' source. cdtool ..... tool directory under hercules' source. Other: I'd advise, if you decide to reconfigure Hercules, that you remember to set '-g' to the CFLAGS for debug information. Unless you're really good at reading assembly in GDB.
  5. Hey Ridley, What is divine pride and how do you use it? Also, let me know when your able to send me the link to that public packet comparing repo. Sounds interesting! You might have to help me capture some packets, too. If you're able. Haru, That packet information on the wiki is definitely helpful. Thank you for that! Would you also be willing to share your vim configurations & plugins? Would be cool if someone has keyword highlighting for herc scripts in vim. Also what's the story on HMP Hooks dependency on Doxygen? I saw that in the README and found it a bit peculiar.
  6. Thank you! That is useful. Is there a list of tools and their related links similar to this? I'm also looking a bit on the c development side - perhaps files that will populate my database with ideal data so I don't have to create it myself.
  7. Would the Hercules team have a list of files & tools they use with their development? Such as simulators, dummy data for the database, packet replays, etc? I'm working on getting a decent setup for source modification and testing. It would definitely be helpful to be aware of these, if in existence. Much appreciated-
  8. ecrow

    [help] GCC outdated

    Download GCC from GNU Extract it. Append the extracted path to the new gcc's bin folder to the $PATH variable. It should override your old binary if it's added later in the variable. Like... export PATH=$PATH:/my/path/to/the/gcc/bin/I/just/extracted setenv PATH $PATH:/my/path/to/the/gcc/bin/I/just/extracted # depends on used shell. OR Don't do the $PATH update, and copy over the old binary (usually in /usr/bin/gcc). Use "which gcc" to find the location. Creating a symlink can be helpful so you can swap between binaries if you need to. Ick, never mind, looks like they don't provide the binaries themselves. you'll need to build it yourself. I'm positive there are guilds online to do that or a README file included with the package to walk you through.