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  1. same problem, i cant wear any items, anyone can help me thanks...
  2. noobzter003


    pm me ihave working one.
  3. thanks you i understand already.
  4. thanks for your reply. but i dont really understand. ist like this? ALTER TABLE tbl AUTO_INCREMENT = 150000;
  5. i know how to edit but the problem is when i create new character the char_id starts with 1 again. should be starts with 150001 something like that. how to fix this?
  6. how to make it starts with 15000? where should i edit this?
  7. this is my char table. whats the problem.. sorry i dont get it.
  8. do i need to change in to 150001 150002 150003 like this?
  9. thanks for answering my problem sir. but what should i edit here.
  10. Anyone Can Help me about this Error. TIA
  11. is this already implemented in latest hercules?
  12. amazing work! i hope you realese this soon. Good Job!!
  13. im using hercules.. thanks @4144 i will check it
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