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  1. 2 hours ago, Naruto said:

    sooooo add them


    they have strs , the effects continue after tuna part 1097 @use effect


    im sure the ids continue with the source just like everything else 


    I don't think I understand how to do this, my skill_db. txt is so in the Summoner


    	Id: 5024
    	Description: "Spirit Marble"
    	MaxLevel: 1
    	NumberOfHits: 0
    	Id: 5025
    	Description: "Power of Land"
    	MaxLevel: 1
    	NumberOfHits: 0
    	Id: 5026
    	Name: "SU_SV_STEMSPEAR"
    	Description: "Silvervine Stem Spear"
    	MaxLevel: 5
    	Range: 9
    	Hit: "BDT_SKILL"
    	SkillType: {
    		Enemy: true
    	AttackType: "Magic"
    	Element: {
    		Lv1: "Ele_Earth"
    		Lv2: "Ele_Fire"
    		Lv3: "Ele_Water"
    		Lv4: "Ele_Wind"
    		Lv5: "Ele_Ghost"
    	InterruptCast: true
    	CastTime: 2500
    	AfterCastActDelay: 1000
    	SkillData1: 10000
    	FixedCastTime: 0
    	Requirements: {
    		SPCost: {
    			Lv1: 40
    			Lv2: 40
    			Lv3: 40
    			Lv4: 40
    			Lv5: 40
    			Lv6: 40
    			Lv7: 40
    			Lv8: 40
    			Lv9: 40
    			Lv10: 40
    	Id: 5027
    	Name: "SU_CN_POWDERING"
    	Description: "Catnip Powdering"
    	MaxLevel: 5
    	Range: 9
    	Hit: "BDT_SKILL"
    	SkillType: {
    		Enemy: true
    	DamageType: {
    		NoDamage: true
    		SplashArea: true
    	SplashRange: {
    		Lv1: 3
    		Lv2: 3
    		Lv3: 5
    		Lv4: 5
    		Lv5: 7
    	InterruptCast: true
    	SkillInstances: 1
    	CastTime: 1500
    	AfterCastActDelay: 1000
    	SkillData1: {
    		Lv1: 3000
    		Lv2: 4000
    		Lv3: 5000
    		Lv4: 6000
    		Lv5: 7000
    	FixedCastTime: 0
    	Requirements: {
    		SPCost: {
    			Lv1: 40
    			Lv2: 36
    			Lv3: 32
    			Lv4: 28
    			Lv5: 24
    		Items: {
    			Catnip_Fruit: 1
    	Unit: {
    		Id: 0x106
    		Layout: {
    			Lv1: 1
    			Lv2: 1
    			Lv3: 2
    			Lv4: 2
    			Lv5: 3
    		Interval: -1
    		Target: "Enemy"
    		Flag: {
    			UF_PATHCHECK: true

    And go on.

  2. Guys, there's only Gepard as the Anti-hack functional system these days, right? And is FluxCP also well-secured for projects open to the public?



    Forgive me if I posted it in an inappropriate place

  3. Hello guys,


    My emulator and my folder, along with my hexed were all running 100% (or was what I thought). But when I was using the "vending" skill when I try to click to add any price or press "OK", the game of error, does anyone know what it can be?




    Error Image Link http://prnt.sc/db3hk2


    Ps: I've already tried changing the emulator and hexed, and the error persists.


    My hexed: 2014-03-05bRagexe_patched.exe

  4. What kind of VIP system are you using? Can you show me?


    It's working fine with me



    but i guess its in your vip system


    Of course!


    My warper: http://upaste.me/52e3360083e6ea5f4


    My npc Vip: http://upaste.me/59ed3600947eb31d8


    Sql table for Vip system:


    /* -------------------- Tabelas SQL ------------------------ */
    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `cash_shop`;
    CREATE TABLE `cash_shop` (
      `id` int(11) unsigned not null auto_increment,
      `nameid` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      `price` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      `type` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)
    ALTER TABLE `login` ADD `Vip` INT NOT NULL ;

  5. @x13th


    Awesome my brother!
    It's exactly what I was looking for!
    Thank you so much   :thx:
    But  I put like this
     T1: VIP(1); Go("prontera",155,183);


    And block the player's vip to use too  =S

  6. Can you post your warper script so that we can configure it



    //===== Hercules Script ======================================
    //= Warper
    //===== By: ==================================================
    //= Euphy
    //===== Current Version: =====================================
    //= 1.4b
    //===== Description: =========================================
    //= A complete - but very condensed - warper script.
    //= Some coordinates written by Tekno-Kanix and ToastOfDoom.
    //===== Additional Comments: =================================
    //= 1.0 Initial script.
    //= 1.1 Added missing duplicates and fixed coordinates.
    //= 1.2 Added new episodes and simplified functions.
    //= 1.3 Added Renewal checks and Instances menu.
    //=     Aligned coordinates with @go.
    //= 1.4 Added new Guild Dungeons.
    //= 1.4a Slight edits.
    //= 1.4b Added Wolfchev's Laboratory warp.
    -	script	Warper	FAKE_NPC,{
    function Go; function Disp; function Pick; function Restrict;
    // --------------------------------------------------
    //	Main Menu:
    // --------------------------------------------------
    menu	"Last Warp ^777777["+lastwarp$+"]^000000",-,
    		" ~ Towns",Towns,
    		" ~ Fields",Fields,
    		" ~ Dungeons",Dungeons,
    		" ~ Guild Castles",Castles,
    		" ~ Guild Dungeons",Guild_Dungeons,
    		" ~ Instances",Instances,
    		" ~ Special Areas",Special;
    	if (lastwarp$ == "")
    		message strcharinfo(PC_NAME),"You haven't warped anywhere yet.";
    		warp lastwarp$,lastwarpx,lastwarpy;
    // ------------------- Functions -------------------
    // * Go("<map>",<x>,<y>);
    //	~ Warps directly to a map.
    // * Disp("<Menu Option>",<first option>,<last option>);
    // * Pick("<map_prefix>"{,<index offset>});
    //	~ Dynamic menu and map selection (auto-numbered).
    // * Disp("<Option 1>:<Option 2>:<etc.>");
    // * Pick("","<map1>","<map2>","<etc.>");
    //	~ Manual menu and map selection (listed).
    // * Restrict("<RE | Pre-RE>"{,<menu option numbers>});
    //	~ Only allows map for Renewal or Pre-Renewal modes.
    //     If menu option numbers are given, only those maps
    //     will be restricted (i.e. not for "Go").
    // Other notes:
    //   ~ Array @c[] holds all (x,y) coordinates.
    //   ~ Use @c[2] EXCEPT when maps begin dynamically
    //	  at 0: use @c[0] and Pick() offset 1.
    // --------------------------------------------------
    function Go {
    	lastwarp$ = getarg(0);
    	lastwarpx = getarg(1,0);
    	lastwarpy = getarg(2,0);
    	warp getarg(0),getarg(1,0),getarg(2,0);
    function Disp {
    	if (getargcount() < 3)
    		@menu$ = getarg(0);
    	else {
    		@menu$ = "";
    		for ([email protected] = getarg(1); [email protected] <= getarg(2); [email protected]++)
    			@menu$ = @menu$+getarg(0)+" "[email protected]+":";
    function Pick {
    	[email protected]_block = @warp_block;
    	@warp_block = 0;
    	[email protected] = select(@menu$);
    	if (getarg(0) == "") {
    		[email protected] = [email protected];
    		[email protected]$ = getarg([email protected]);
    	} else {
    		[email protected] = [email protected](1,0);
    		[email protected]$ = getarg(0)+(([email protected]<10)?"0":"")[email protected];
    	if ([email protected]_block & (1<<[email protected])) {
    		message strcharinfo(PC_NAME),"This map is not enabled in "+(RENEWAL?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal.";
    	[email protected] = @c[[email protected]*2];
    	[email protected] = @c[[email protected]*2+1];
    	deletearray @c[0],getarraysize(@c);
    	Go([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]);
    function Restrict {
    	if ((getarg(0) == "RE" && !RENEWAL) || (getarg(0) == "Pre-RE" && RENEWAL)) {
    		if (getarg(1,0)) {
    			@warp_block = 0;
    			for ([email protected] = 1; [email protected] < getargcount(); [email protected]++)
    				@warp_block = @warp_block | (1<<getarg([email protected]));
    		} else {
    			message strcharinfo(PC_NAME),"This map is not enabled in "+(RENEWAL?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal.";
    // --------------------------------------------------
    // --------------------------------------------------
    menu	"Prontera",T1, "Alberta",T2, "Aldebaran",T3, "Amatsu",T4, "Ayothaya",T5,
    		"Brasilis",T6, "Comodo",T7, "Dewata",T8, "Eclage",T9, "Einbech",T10,
    		"Einbroch",T11, "El Dicastes",T12, "Geffen",T13, "Gonryun",T14, "Hugel",T15,
    		"Izlude",T16, "Jawaii",T17, "Lighthalzen",T18, "Louyang",T19, "Lutie",T20,
    		"Malangdo",T21, "Malaya",T22, "Manuk",T23, "Midgarts Expedition Camp",T24,
    		"Mora",T25, "Morroc",T26, "Moscovia",T27, "Nameless Island",T28,
    		"Niflheim",T29, "Payon",T30, "Rachel",T31, "Splendide",T32, "Thor Camp",T33,
    		"Umbala",T34, "Veins",T35, "Yuno",T36;
    T1: Go("prontera",155,183);
    T2: Go("alberta",28,234);
    T3: Go("aldebaran",140,131);
    T4: Go("amatsu",198,84);
    T5: Go("ayothaya",208,166);
    T6: Restrict("RE");
    T7: Go("comodo",209,143);
    T8: Restrict("RE");
    T9: Restrict("RE");
    T10: Go("einbech",63,35);
    T11: Go("einbroch",64,200);
    T12: Restrict("RE");
    T13: Go("geffen",119,59);
    T14: Go("gonryun",160,120);
    T15: Go("hugel",96,145);
    T16: Go("izlude",128,(RENEWAL?146:114));
    T17: Go("jawaii",251,132);
    T18: Go("lighthalzen",158,92);
    T19: Go("louyang",217,100);
    T20: Go("xmas",147,134);
    T21: Restrict("RE");
    T22: Restrict("RE");
    T23: Go("manuk",282,138);
    T24: Go("mid_camp",210,288);
    T25: Restrict("RE");
    T26: Go("morocc",156,93);
    T27: Go("moscovia",223,184);
    T28: Go("nameless_n",256,215);
    T29: Go("niflheim",202,174);
    T30: Go("payon",179,100);
    T31: Go("rachel",130,110);
    T32: Go("splendide",201,147);
    T33: Go("thor_camp",246,68);
    T34: Go("umbala",97,153);
    T35: Go("veins",216,123);
    T36: Go("yuno",157,51);
    // --------------------------------------------------
    // --------------------------------------------------
    menu	"Amatsu Fields",F1, "Ayothaya Fields",F2, "Bifrost Fields", F3,
    		"Brasilis Fields",F4, "Comodo Fields",F5, "Dewata Fields",F6,
    		"Eclage Fields",F7, "Einbroch Fields",F8, "El Dicastes Fields",F9,
    		"Geffen Fields",F10, "Gonryun Fields",F11, "Hugel Fields",F12,
    		"Lighthalzen Fields",F13, "Louyang Field",F14, "Lutie Field",F15,
    		"Malaya Fields",F16, "Manuk Fields",F17, "Mjolnir Fields",F18,
    		"Moscovia Fields",F19, "Niflheim Fields",F20, "Payon Forests",F21,
    		"Prontera Fields",F22, "Rachel Fields",F23, "Sograt Deserts",F24,
    		"Splendide Fields",F25, "Umbala Fields",F26, "Veins Fields",F27,
    		"Yuno Fields",F28;
    F1: setarray @c[2],190,197;
    	Disp("Amatsu Field",1,1); Pick("ama_fild");
    F2: setarray @c[2],173,134,212,150;
    	Disp("Ayothaya Field",1,2); Pick("ayo_fild");
    F3: Restrict("RE");
    	setarray @c[2],193,220,220,187;
    	Disp("Bifrost Field",1,2); Pick("bif_fild");
    F4: Restrict("RE");
    	setarray @c[2],74,32;
    	Disp("Brasilis Field",1,1); Pick("bra_fild");
    F5: Restrict("Pre-RE",5);
    	setarray @c[2],180,178,231,160,191,172,228,194,224,203,190,223,234,177,194,175,172,172;
    	Disp("Comodo Field",1,9); Pick("cmd_fild");
    F6: Restrict("RE");
    	setarray @c[2],371,212;
    	Disp("Dewata Field",1,1); Pick("dew_fild");
    F7: Restrict("RE");
    	setarray @c[2],97,314;
    	Disp("Eclage Field",1,1); Pick("ecl_fild");
    F8: Restrict("Pre-RE",2,10);
    	setarray @c[2],142,225,182,141,187,228,185,173,216,173,195,148,272,220,173,214,207,174,196,200;
    	Disp("Einbroch Field",1,10); Pick("ein_fild");
    F9: Restrict("RE");
    	setarray @c[2],143,132,143,217;
    	Disp("El Dicastes Field",1,2); Pick("dic_fild");
    F10: Restrict("Pre-RE",13,15);
    	 setarray @c[0],46,199,213,204,195,212,257,192,188,171,166,263,248,158,195,191,186,183,221,117,178,218,136,328,240,181,235,235,211,185;
    	 Disp("Geffen Field",0,14); Pick("gef_fild",1);
    F11: setarray @c[2],220,227;
    	 Disp("Gonryun Field",1,1); Pick("gon_fild");
    F12: Restrict("Pre-RE",3,7);
    	 setarray @c[2],268,101,222,193,232,185,252,189,196,106,216,220,227,197;
    	 Disp("Hugel Field",1,7); Pick("hu_fild");
    F13: setarray @c[2],240,179,185,235,240,226;
    	 Disp("Lighthalzen Field",1,3); Pick("lhz_fild");
    F14: setarray @c[2],229,187;
    	 Disp("Louyang Field",1,1); Pick("lou_fild");
    F15: setarray @c[2],115,145;
    	 Disp("Lutie Field",1,1); Pick("xmas_fild");
    F16: Restrict("RE");
    	 setarray @c[2],40,272,207,180;
    	 Disp("Malaya Field",1,2); Pick("ma_fild");
    F17: setarray @c[2],35,236,35,262,84,365;
    	 Disp("Manuk Field",1,3); Pick("man_fild");
    F18: setarray @c[2],204,120,175,193,208,213,179,180,181,240,195,270,235,202,188,215,205,144,245,223,180,206,196,208;
    	 Disp("Mjolnir Field",1,12); Pick("mjolnir_");
    F19: setarray @c[2],82,104,131,147;
    	 Disp("Moscovia Field",1,2); Pick("mosk_fild");
    F20: setarray @c[2],215,229,167,234;
    	 Disp("Niflheim Field",1,2); Pick("nif_fild");
    F21: Restrict("Pre-RE",5,11);
    	 setarray @c[2],158,206,151,219,205,148,186,247,134,204,193,235,200,177,137,189,201,224,160,205,194,150;
    	 Disp("Payon Forest",1,11); Pick("pay_fild");
    F22: setarray @c[0],208,227,190,206,240,206,190,143,307,252,239,213,185,188,193,194,187,218,210,183,195,149,198,164;
    	 Disp("Prontera Field",0,11); Pick("prt_fild",1);
    F23: Restrict("Pre-RE",2,7,9,10,11,13);
    	 setarray @c[2],192,162,235,166,202,206,202,208,225,202,202,214,263,196,217,201,87,121,277,181,221,185,175,200,174,197;
    	 Disp("Rachel Field",1,13); Pick("ra_fild");
    F24: setarray @c[2],219,205,177,206,194,182,224,170,198,216,156,187,185,263,206,228,208,238,209,223,85,97,207,202,31,195,38,195;
    	 Disp("Sograt Desert 1:Sograt Desert 2:Sograt Desert 3:Sograt Desert 7:Sograt Desert 11:Sograt Desert 12:Sograt Desert 13:Sograt Desert 16:Sograt Desert 17:Sograt Desert 18:Sograt Desert 19:Sograt Desert 20:Sograt Desert 21:Sograt Desert 22");
    F25: setarray @c[2],175,186,236,184,188,204;
    	 Disp("Splendide Field",1,3); Pick("spl_fild");
    F26: setarray @c[2],217,206,223,221,237,215,202,197;
    	 Disp("Umbala Field",1,4); Pick("um_fild");
    F27: Restrict("Pre-RE",5);
    	 setarray @c[2],186,175,196,370,222,45,51,250,202,324,150,223,149,307;
    	 Disp("Veins Field",1,7); Pick("ve_fild");
    F28: Restrict("Pre-RE",5,10);
    	 setarray @c[2],189,224,192,207,221,157,226,199,223,177,187,232,231,174,196,203,183,214,200,124,195,226,210,304;
    	 Disp("Yuno Field",1,12); Pick("yuno_fild");
    // --------------------------------------------------
    // --------------------------------------------------
    menu	"Abyss Lakes",D1, "Amatsu Dungeon",D2, "Anthell",D3,
    		"Ayothaya Dungeon",D4, "Beach Dungeon",D5, "Bifrost Tower",D41,
    		"Bio Labs",D6, "Brasilis Dungeon",D7, "Byalan Dungeon",D8, "Clock Tower",D9,
    		"Coal Mines",D10, "Culvert",D11, "Cursed Abbey",D12, "Dewata Dungeon",D13,
    		"Einbroch Dungeon",D14, "Gefenia",D15, "Geffen Dungeon",D16,
    		"Glast Heim",D17, "Gonryun Dungeon",D18, "Hidden Dungeon",D19,
    		"Ice Dungeon",D20, "Juperos",D21, "Kiel Dungeon",D22, "Louyang Dungeon",D23,
    		"Magma Dungeon",D24, "Malangdo Dungeon",D25, "Moscovia Dungeon",D26,
    		"Nidhogg's Dungeon",D27, "Odin Temple",D28, "Orc Dungeon",D29,
    		"Payon Dungeon",D30, "Pyramids",D31, "Rachel Sanctuary",D32,
    		"Scaraba Hole",D33, "Sphinx",D34, "Sunken Ship",D35, "Thanatos Tower",D36,
    		"Thor Volcano",D37, "Toy Factory",D38, "Turtle Dungeon",D39, "Umbala Dungeon",D40;
    D1: setarray @c[2],261,272,275,270,116,27;
    	Disp("Abyss Lakes",1,3); Pick("abyss_");
    D2: setarray @c[2],228,11,34,41,119,14;
    	Disp("Amatsu Dungeon",1,3); Pick("ama_dun");
    D3: setarray @c[2],35,262,168,170;
    	Disp("Anthell",1,2); Pick("anthell");
    D4: setarray @c[2],275,19,24,26;
    	Disp("Ancient Shrine Maze:Inside Ancient Shrine"); Pick("ayo_dun");
    D5: setarray @c[2],266,67,255,244,23,260;
    	Disp("Beach Dungeon",1,3); Pick("","beach_dun","beach_dun2","beach_dun3");
    D6: Restrict("RE",4);
    	setarray @c[2],150,288,150,18,140,134,244,52;
    	Disp("Bio Lab",1,4); Pick("lhz_dun");
    D7: Restrict("RE");
    	setarray @c[2],87,47,262,262;
    	Disp("Brasilis Dungeon",1,2); Pick("bra_dun");
    D8: Restrict("RE",6);
    	setarray @c[0],168,168,253,252,236,204,32,63,26,27,141,187;
    	Disp("Byalan Dungeon",1,6); Pick("iz_dun",1);
    D9: setarray @c[2],199,159,148,283,65,147,56,155,297,25,127,169,277,178,268,74;
    	Disp("Clock Tower 1:Clock Tower 2:Clock Tower 3:Clock Tower 4:Basement 1:Basement 2:Basement 3:Basement 4");
    D10: setarray @c[2],52,17,381,343,302,262;
    	 Disp("Coal Mines",1,3); Pick("mjo_dun");
    D11: setarray @c[2],131,247,19,19,180,169,100,92;
    	 Disp("Culvert",1,4); Pick("","prt_sewb1","prt_sewb2","prt_sewb3","prt_sewb4");
    D12: setarray @c[2],51,14,150,11,120,10;
    	 Disp("Cursed Abbey",1,3); Pick("abbey");
    D13: Restrict("RE");
    	 setarray @c[2],285,160,299,29;
    	 Disp("Dewata Dungeon",1,2); Pick("dew_dun");
    D14: setarray @c[2],22,14,292,290;
    	 Disp("Einbroch Dungeon",1,2); Pick("ein_dun");
    D15: setarray @c[2],40,103,203,34,266,168,130,272;
    	 Disp("Gefenia",1,4); Pick("gefenia",0);
    D16: setarray @c[0],104,99,115,236,106,132,203,200;
    	 Disp("Geffen Dungeon",1,4); Pick("gef_dun",1);
    D17: setarray @c[2],370,304,199,29,104,25,150,15,157,287,147,15,258,255,108,291,171,283,68,277,156,7,12,7,133,271,224,274,14,70,150,14;
    	 Disp("Entrance:Castle 1:Castle 2:Chivalry 1:Chivalry 2:Churchyard:Culvert 1:Culvert 2:Culvert 3:Culvert 4:St. Abbey:Staircase Dungeon:Underground Cave 1:Underground Cave 2:Underground Prison 1:Underground Prison 2");
    D18: setarray @c[2],153,53,28,113,68,16;
    	 Disp("Gonryun Dungeon",1,3); Pick("gon_dun");
    D19: setarray @c[2],176,7,93,20,23,8;
    	 Disp("Hidden Dungeon",1,3); Pick("prt_maze");
    D20: setarray @c[2],157,14,151,155,149,22,33,158;
    	 Disp("Ice Dungeon",1,4); Pick("ice_dun");
    D21: setarray @c[2],140,51,53,247,37,63,150,285;
    	 Disp("Entrance:Juperos 1:Juperos 2:Core");
    D22: setarray @c[2],28,226,41,198;
    	 Disp("Kiel Dungeon",1,2); Pick("kh_dun");
    D23: setarray @c[2],218,196,282,20,165,38;
    	 Disp("The Royal Tomb:Inside the Royal Tomb:Suei Long Gon"); Pick("lou_dun");
    D24: setarray @c[2],126,68,47,30;
    	 Disp("Magma Dungeon",1,2); Pick("mag_dun");
    D25: Restrict("RE");
    	 setarray @c[2],33,230;
    	 Disp("Malangdo Dungeon",1,1); Pick("mal_dun");
    D26: setarray @c[2],189,48,165,30,32,135;
    	 Disp("Moscovia Dungeon",1,3); Pick("mosk_dun");
    D27: setarray @c[2],61,239,60,271;
    	 Disp("Nidhogg's Dungeon",1,2); Pick("nyd_dun");
    D28: setarray @c[2],298,167,224,149,266,280;
    	 Disp("Odin Temple",1,3); Pick("odin_tem");
    D29: setarray @c[2],32,170,21,185;
    	 Disp("Orc Dungeon",1,2); Pick("orcsdun");
    D30: setarray @c[0],21,183,19,33,19,63,155,159,201,204;
    	 Disp("Payon Dungeon",1,5); Pick("pay_dun",1);
    D31: Restrict("RE",7,8);
    	 setarray @c[2],192,9,10,192,100,92,181,11,94,96,192,8,94,96,192,8;
    	 Disp("Pyramids 1:Pyramids 2:Pyramids 3:Pyramids 4:Basement 1:Basement 2:Basement 1 - Nightmare Mode:Basement 2 - Nightmare Mode");
    D32: setarray @c[2],140,11,32,21,8,149,204,218,150,9;
    	 Disp("Rachel Sanctuary",1,5); Pick("ra_san");
    D33: Restrict("RE");
    	 setarray @c[2],364,44,101,141;
    	 Disp("Scaraba Hole",1,2); Pick("dic_dun");
    D34: setarray @c[2],288,9,149,81,210,54,10,222,100,99;
    	 Disp("Sphinx",1,5); Pick("","in_sphinx1","in_sphinx2","in_sphinx3","in_sphinx4","in_sphinx5");
    D35: setarray @c[2],69,24,102,27;
    	 Disp("Sunken Ship",1,2); Pick("treasure");
    D36: setarray @c[2],150,39,150,136,220,158,59,143,62,11,89,221,35,166,93,148,29,107,159,138,19,20,130,52;
    	 Disp("Thanatos Tower",1,12); Pick("tha_t");
    D37: setarray @c[2],21,228,75,205,34,272;
    	 Disp("Thor Volcano",1,3); Pick("thor_v");
    D38: setarray @c[2],205,15,129,133;
    	 Disp("Toy Factory",1,2); Pick("xmas_dun");
    D39: setarray @c[2],154,49,148,261,132,189,100,192;
    	 Disp("Entrance:Turtle Dungeon 1:Turtle Dungeon 2:Turtle Dungeon 3"); Pick("tur_dun");
    D40: Restrict("Pre-RE",1,2);
    	 setarray @c[2],42,31,48,30,204,78;
    	 Disp("Carpenter's Shop in the Tree:Passage to a Foreign World:Hvergermil's Fountain");
    D41: Restrict("RE");
    	 setarray @c[2],57,13,64,88,45,14,26,23;
    	 Disp("Bifrost Tower",1,4); Pick("ecl_tdun");
    // --------------------------------------------------
    // --------------------------------------------------
    menu	"Aldebaran Castles",C1, "Geffen Castles",C2, "Payon Castles",C3,
    		"Prontera Castles",C4, "Arunafeltz Castles",C5, "Schwaltzvalt Castles",C6;
    C1: setarray @c[2],48,83,95,249,142,85,239,242,264,90;
    C2: setarray @c[2],214,75,308,240,143,240,193,278,305,87;
    C3: setarray @c[2],121,233,295,116,317,293,140,160,204,266;
    	Disp("Bright Arbor:Scarlet Palace:Holy Shadow:Sacred Altar:Bamboo Grove Hill");
    C4: setarray @c[2],134,65,240,128,153,137,111,240,208,240;
    C5: setarray @c[2],158,272,83,47,68,155,299,345,292,107;
    C6: setarray @c[2],293,100,288,252,97,196,137,90,71,315;
    // --------------------------------------------------
    // --------------------------------------------------
    menu	"Baldur",G1, "Luina",G2, "Valkyrie",G3, "Britoniah",G4,
    		"Arunafeltz",G5, "Schwaltzvalt",G6;
    G1: Restrict("RE",2,3);
    	setarray @c[2],119,93,119,93,120,130;
    	Disp("Baldur F1:Baldur F2:Hall of Abyss");
    G2: Restrict("RE",2,3);
    	setarray @c[2],39,161,39,161,147,155;
    	Disp("Luina F1:Luina F2:Hall of Abyss");
    G3: Restrict("RE",2,3);
    	setarray @c[2],50,44,50,44,140,132;
    	Disp("Valkyrie F1:Valkyrie F2:Hall of Abyss");
    G4: Restrict("RE",2,3);
    	setarray @c[2],116,45,116,45,152,118;
    	Disp("Britoniah F1:Britoniah F2:Hall of Abyss");
    G5: Go("arug_dun01",199,195);
    G6: Go("schg_dun01",200,124);
    // --------------------------------------------------
    // --------------------------------------------------
    menu	"Bakonawa Lake",I1, "Bangungot Hospital 2F",I2, "Buwaya Cave",I3,
    		"Endless Tower",I4, "Hazy Forest",I5, "Malangdo Culvert",I6, "Nidhoggur's Nest",I7,
    		"Octopus Cave",I8, "Old Glast Heim",I9, "Orc's Memory",I10, "Sealed Shrine",I11,
    		"Wolfchev's Laboratory",I12;
    I1: Restrict("RE");
    I2: Restrict("RE");
    I3: Restrict("RE");
    I4: Go("e_tower",72,112);
    I5: Restrict("RE");
    I6: Restrict("RE");
    I7: Go("nyd_dun02",95,193);
    I8: Restrict("RE");
    I9: Restrict("RE");
    I10: Go("gef_fild10",240,198);
    I11: Go("monk_test",306,143);
    I12: Restrict("RE");
    // --------------------------------------------------
    // --------------------------------------------------
    menu	"Auction Hall",S1, "Battlegrounds",S2, "Casino",S3, "Eden Group Headquarters",S4,
    		"Gonryun Arena",S5, "Izlude Arena",S6, "Monster Race Arena",S7, "Turbo Track",S8;
    S1: Go("auction_01",22,68);
    S2: Go("bat_room",154,150);
    S3: Go("cmd_in02",179,129);
    S4: Restrict("RE");
    S5: Go("gon_test",48,10);
    S6: Go("arena_room",100,88);
    S7: Go("p_track01",62,41);
    S8: Go("turbo_room",99,114);
    // --------------------------------------------------
    //	Duplicates:
    // --------------------------------------------------
    alb2trea,57,70,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#tre	4_F_VALKYRIE
    alberta,28,240,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#alb	4_F_VALKYRIE
    aldebaran,145,118,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#alde	4_F_VALKYRIE
    amatsu,203,87,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#ama	4_F_VALKYRIE
    ayothaya,209,169,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#ayo	4_F_VALKYRIE
    comodo,194,158,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#com	4_F_VALKYRIE
    einbech,59,38,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#einbe	4_F_VALKYRIE
    einbroch,69,202,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#einbr	4_F_VALKYRIE
    gef_fild10,71,339,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#orc	4_F_VALKYRIE
    geffen,124,72,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#gef	4_F_VALKYRIE
    glast_01,372,308,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#glh	4_F_VALKYRIE
    gonryun,162,122,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#gon	4_F_VALKYRIE
    hugel,101,151,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#hug	4_F_VALKYRIE
    izlu2dun,110,92,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#izd	4_F_VALKYRIE
    izlude,134,150,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#izl	4_F_VALKYRIE	//Pre-RE: (132,120)
    jawaii,253,138,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#jaw	4_F_VALKYRIE
    lighthalzen,162,102,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#lhz	4_F_VALKYRIE
    louyang,208,103,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#lou	4_F_VALKYRIE
    manuk,274,146,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#man	4_F_VALKYRIE
    mid_camp,216,288,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#mid	4_F_VALKYRIE
    mjolnir_02,85,364,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#mjo	4_F_VALKYRIE
    moc_ruins,64,164,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#moc	4_F_VALKYRIE
    morocc,159,97,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#mor	4_F_VALKYRIE
    moscovia,229,191,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#mos	4_F_VALKYRIE
    nameless_n,259,213,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#nam	4_F_VALKYRIE
    niflheim,205,179,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#nif	4_F_VALKYRIE
    pay_arche,42,134,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#arc	4_F_VALKYRIE
    payon,182,108,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#pay	4_F_VALKYRIE
    prontera,162,185,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#prt	4_F_FENRIR
    prt_fild05,279,223,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#cul	4_F_VALKYRIE
    rachel,135,116,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#rac	4_F_VALKYRIE
    splendide,205,153,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#spl	4_F_VALKYRIE
    thor_camp,249,76,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#thor	4_F_VALKYRIE
    umbala,106,150,3	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#umb	4_F_VALKYRIE
    veins,214,123,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#ve	4_F_VALKYRIE
    xmas,150,136,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#xmas	4_F_VALKYRIE
    yuno,162,47,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#yuno	4_F_VALKYRIE
    // --------------------------------------------------
    //	Duplicates (Renewal):
    // --------------------------------------------------
    brasilis,201,222,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#bra	4_F_VALKYRIE
    dewata,204,186,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#dew	4_F_VALKYRIE
    dicastes01,194,194,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#dic	4_F_VALKYRIE
    ecl_in01,51,60,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#ecl	4_F_VALKYRIE
    malangdo,134,117,6	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#mal	4_F_VALKYRIE
    malaya,231,204,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#ma	4_F_VALKYRIE
    mora,57,152,4	duplicate(Warper)	Warper#mora	4_F_VALKYRIE




  7. I am not the author, I want to put this codes to works in Hercules!


    New Config Structure
    For private channel creation


    private_channel: {
    		allow: true			  // (bool)	Allow playerto create own channel?
    		color: "Default"	  // (string)	Default color, see colors
    		delay: 1000			  // (int)	Chat delay for each member
    		max_member: 1000	  // (int)	Max member
    		self_notif: true	  // (bool)	Show message when you enter or leave the channel
    		join_notif: false	  // (bool)	Show message when player joined the channel
    		leave_notif: false	  // (bool)	Show message when player left the channel
    		/* Moderation feature for channel owner, allowed to: */
    		ban: true			  // (bool)	Ban player
    		kick: true			  // (bool)	Kick player
    		color_override: false // (bool)	Player allow color override for private channel
    		change_delay: false	  // (bool)	Change allow to change channel dealy

    For public, ally, and map channel default configs.

    		name: "#channel"		 // (string)	Channel name
    		password: ""			 // (string)	Password
    		alias: "[Channel]"		 // (string)	Message from this channel will be displayed with this name instead the channel name
    		color: "Default"		 // (string)	Color for this channel
    		type: "CHAN_TYPE_PUBLIC" // (string)	Channel type: CHAN_TYPE_PUBLIC, CHAN_TYPE_ALLY, CHAN_TYPE_MAP
    		autojoin: false			 // (bool)	Player will auto join channel
    		delay: 1000				 // (int)	Chat delay for each player
    		leave: true				 // (bool)	Player is allowed to leave the channel
    		chat: true				 // (bool)	Player is allowed to chat on this channel
    		color_override: false	 // (bool)	Override channel color with personal color
    		self_notif: true		 // (bool)	Show message when you enter or leave the channel
    		join_notif: false		 // (bool)	Show message when player joined the channel
    		leave_notif: false		 // (bool)	Show message when player left the channel
    		groupid: (0,..,99)		 // (list,int)	Only player with there group ids allowed to join. Group with 'channel_admin' always can enter the channel.
    		/// All values above are default settings
    	},							 // Use comma if followed by other channel



    .patch here



    Official Topic


    Thanks =)





    I fix, please close this topic!


    For the restrictions part, show us or tell us how your vip system works.

    If its like the others changing group level to 1 you just need to add if statement,


    if(getgmlevel() >= 1){
      // Do this


    So, I need to put the maps bellow this command?

  9. Hello guys!


    I would like to add restrictions to use the teleport for certain maps.
    For example: for only vip players can go to the 2 floor payon field.
    What I need to put in script?
    And it is necessary that you search for a certain place to be able to teleport.
    For example: second floor of moscow, you must have done a quest to be able to teleport to this location.
    Thank you  ^_^

  10. @Kubix 


    I have just this problem:


    ..\src\map\skill.c(7911): error C2065: 'x': undeclared identifier
    ..\src\map\skill.c(7911): error C2065: 'y': undeclared identifier
    ..\src\map\skill.c(7933): error C2065: 'x': undeclared identifier
    ..\src\map\skill.c(7933): error C2065: 'y': undeclared identifier




    I fixed ^^

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