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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Shiro in [Showcase] Patcher Theme   
    So... I'm a beginner at graphics designing. Please let me know what you think
    I used Hyvraine's designs as references
    also... if someone can code this please help me. message me here!

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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Hyvraine in Botong-ui | FluxCP Theme   
    View File Botong-ui | FluxCP Theme
    Hi! This is kind of my "sorry for appearing and disappearing, please accept my apology" beta release.
    It's not exactly a theme, there are changes to some of the library files as well as changes to the configuration files. Very minor, really. You can see all the changes here: https://github.com/marqroldan/FluxCP
    There are also fixes that support the changes to the structures of the tables, if I missed any please notify me.
    Note that this is currently for Hercules version of FluxCP and not compatible with rAthena's.
    This theme is based on Bootstrap 4 (so it still includes jQuery). It is responsive.
    What you see on the main page isn't something I created. It's just a random Bootstrap 4 template that I downloaded.
    That Bootstrap 4 Template Details:
    Theme Name: Rapid
    Theme URL: https://bootstrapmade.com/rapid-multipurpose-bootstrap-business-template/
    Author: BootstrapMade.com
    License: https://bootstrapmade.com/license/
    Video Preview: 
    Why is the file so big? Yeah normally it's less than 20MB but it's due to the inclusion of the item icons and thumbnails. Where are the images? You can get them from here: https://github.com/marqroldan/FluxCP/tree/dataImages or http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2509-item-images/ It's not working! Nani? Well it should be working fine (if you've installed all the necessary and required tables). Should you encounter any bugs or problems feel free to reply on this topic so I could patch it on the repo. Will you update your Stellar FluxCP skin? No. It will forever stay that way and will not provide any support. This Botong-ui theme however will be updated from time to time. How frequent is the update to this theme? Always check the repository for recent changes, not this forum's download section. For faster updates. How to change to another theme? Simple, open your browser's developer tools and go to the console and type: updatePreferredTheme("[themename]") where you replace the bold text to the name of the theme you want to switch to. Can I contribute? Of course! Just make a pull request on the repo Your repository is so messy. I have no valid excuse for this. I'm still learning how to properly use Git / version control system and would greatly appreciate it if you have tips.  
    Thank you!
    Submitter Hyvraine Submitted 07/12/19 Category Web Resources  
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to raPalooza~ in [WIP] Modern Housing (using instances)   
    Modern Housing
                                                   Instace House
    The housing system will somehow award players with furnitures decorations, so they can arrange it as they want and then show their house to the word!

    More in depth:
    When opening the instance the party leader loads the Char_id into the housing database table, where it contains all the furniture custom npc id/placement/ifplaced information linked to his Char_id.
    through scripting, copied npcs inside the instance map ([email protected],0,0,4 duplicate(Furniture) Furniture#0 HIDDEN_NPC1) are moved, rotated and "disguised" based on information of the housing database.

    I'm also creating a second Database table that holds all the global information of furniture (names,npc_id,price?,rarity,...)
    The reward part still a mistery, i'm thinking of a function that would insert the furniture into the database ;] and that function could be set on usables, questboards, equips? ;]
     House Map                                                   100%
     Furniture Loading                                       100%
     Furniture Control                                            0%
     Furniture Reward                                            0%
                                                               Furniture Spriting                                        (currently using ones from Habbo Hotel game)
    Instance Control                                          70%

    A screenshot of the current state:

    A little video of how development is going

    Problems :[
    - No easy way(found) of controling where you want your furniture to be.
    - As they are custom_npcs there's an annoying problem of mousovering, imagine a house full of furniture you would keep clicking the npc and not the cell to move( even with end;) ;[
    - The sprites that i ripped borrowed from Habbo are only the from view, so a table with chairs arround would not be possible (yet?)

    Hope to hear some good ideas to improve the project, and also a little help if someone is interested!
    Let's go housing! :*
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to kisuka in Ragnarok Episode Timeline   
    This is a work in progress. Parts will be added as they are organized.
    This topic will list out the major episode releases of kRO and the updates under them. This is to keep track of what episodes had which updates. This will assist us in making sure we aren't missing anything in Hercules. The dates below are for Main server release, not RE/Sakray testing period.
    * Note: Official Hercules Developers and High Council members have permission to add or modify this list.
    2002.08.03: Episode 1.0 : Start of the Adventure
    2002.12.17: Episode 2.0 : Lutie
    2003.02.04: Episode 3.0 : Comodo
    2003.05.02: Episode 4.0 : War of Emperium
    2003.07.15: Episode 5.0 : Yuno
    2003.10.07: Episode 6.0 : Global Project
    2003.10.11 : Amatsu 2003.10.11 : Kunlun / Gonryun 2003.11.25 : Weddings/Marriage 2004.01.13 : Super Novice 2004.01.30: Episode 7.0 : Umbala ~ Village of the Utan Tribe
    2004.02.02 : 2-1 and 2-2 class in Sakray 2004.02.24: Episode 8.1.1 : Niflheim ~ City of the Dead
    2004.12.23: Episode 8.1.2 : Louyang & Jawaii
    2004.12.23: Episode 8.2 : Ayothaya
    2005.01.18: Episode 8.3 : Payon Remodelling
    2005.05.12: Episode 9.0 : Rebirth
    2005.09.21: Episode 10.1.1 : The Sign & Geffenia Dungeon
    2005.09.22: Episode 10.1.2 : Einbroch
    2006.02.24: Episode 10.2 : Lighthalzen
    2005.08.16: Episode 10.3 : Noghalt
    2006.12.28: Episode 10.4 : Hugel
    2007.04.20: Episode 11.1 : Rachel
    2007.09.10: Episode 11.2 : Veins
    2007.04.10: Episode 11.3 : Nameless Island
    2007.04.10 : Mercenary System 2007.10.17: Episode 12 : Satan Morroc
    2007.10.17 : Moscovia 2007.11.21 : WoE: SE (Schwaltzvald) 2007.11.21 : WoE: SE (Arunafeltz) 2007.12.05 : World Map System 2007.12.10 : Battlegrounds 2007.12.12 : Endless Tower & Sealed Shrine 2008.06.25 : Episode 13.1 : Ash Vacuum
    2008.08.25 : Poring Wars 2008.11.19 : Improved Pet System 2008.12.17 : Episode 13.2 : Encounter
    2008.12.23 : New Pets 2009.02.25 : Hidden Slot Enchantment 2009.03.11 : Endless Tower Fixes 2009.04.08 : New Hairstyles 2009.06.17 : Renewal Release (3-1 Jobs) 2009.08.19 : Brasilis 2009.10.14 : 3-2 Jobs 2009.12.23 : Episode 13.3 : El Dicastes
    2010.03.17 : Party Recruiting System 2010.03.31 : Baby 3rd Jobs 2010.05.12 : Purchasing Shops. Sorcerer Spirit System 2010.06.30 : Episode 14.1 : Bifrost
    Memorial Dungeon, Misty Labyrinth Forest. 2010.07.28 : Equipment Synthesis, Costume System. 2010.08.18 : Search Vending Shops 2010.09.29 : Indonesia Localized Map, Dewata 2010.11.24 : Cat Hand HQ / Malangdo Island Item Mall Icon Level 86~99 Eden Group Quests on 2nd Floor Floor 6 added to Izlude Dungeon (Only available to Gold Netcafe Users) Grave Markers (MVP or major monster dies, it leaves a grave marker that shows the time of death and who killed it. The gravestone will remain until the monster respawns.) New Mounts
      2010.12.29 : Super Novice Expansion 2011.03.09 : Replay System 2011.03.30 : Biolabs 4th Floor 2011.05.25 : Thanatos Tower Changes. 2011.06.29 : (WoE1 Renewal) Number of forts reduced from 5 to 4 in WoE1 castles. Guild Investment System (Hall of Abyss). New Guild Dungeon
      2011.08.17 : 7x7 Padding around NPCs. 2011.08.31 : (Class Balance + Homunculus S) Large number of class balancing improvements. Homunculus S
      2011.09.28 : Philippines localized map, Port Malaya. [1] [2] 2011.11.02 : Kagero and Oboro Job Classes [1] [2] 2011.11.16 : New Alberta. 2011.11.30 : Eden Quests for levels 100~110. 2011.12.07 : Nightmare mode for Pyramid Dungeon. 2011.12.14 : Party System improvements. 2011.12.21 : Episode 14.2 : Eclage
    2011.12.27 : Battlegrounds Queue System 2012.02.08 : New Carts for Mechanics & Genetics. 2012.02.08 : Guild Creation system to no longer allow blank space(s) in the name. 2012.03.21 : Eden Quests for Level 111 ~ 120. 2012.03.21 : Falcon Flute 2012.03.28 : Navigation System. 2012.03.28 : New Izlude + Novice Training Academy + New Character Creation Method (5 copies of Izlude) 2012.04.04 : HP Bars added to Monsters. 2012.04.18 : Changes to Enchanting on Malangdo 2012.04.25 : WoE: Training Edition 2012.04.25 : Transcendent quest to waive the cost of transcending. 2012.05.30 : Old Glastheim memorial dungeon 2012.06.13 : Monster Shadow Size 2012.07.11 : Headgear Synthesis Quests 2012.07.25 : WoE:TE Mini God Item quest + guild and daily quests in siege areas. 2012.08.14 : Job EXP increased from Monsters with lvl 100+. 2012.08.22 : Heroes' Trails (Part 1) Faceworm Nest, Memorial Dungeon. Sarah's Memory, Memorial Dungeon.
      2012.08.22 : Memorial Dungeon, Wave. Added new Eden quests for level 121 ~ 130 range Max base level changed from 150 to 160/50. Skill Timers
      2012.09.19 : Champion Mobs. 2012.10.10 : Ranger Falcon changed to Owl. 2012.10.17 : Heroes' Trails (Part 2) Devil's Tower Memorial Dungeon Cursed Knight Memorial Dungeon Geffen Magic Tournament Memorial Dungeon
      2012.10.31 : Eden Quests for levels 131~140. 2012.12.18 : Horror Toy Factory Memorial Dungeon 2012.12.18 : Shadow System 2012.12.28 : Episode 14.3 : Decisive Battle (Part 1)
    2013.02.20 : Equipment Comparison System 2013.03.13 : 'Clock Tower Dungeon' Nightmare Mode. 2013.03.20 : Episode 14.3 : Decisive Battle (Part 2)
    2013.03.20 : Level Increased to 175 / 60. 2013.03.20 : New Third Class Skills 2013.05.22 : Max Zeny Vending Price = 1 Billion Zeny. 2013.06.12 : Bank System 2013.06.26 : Clan System (Golden mace Guild, Sword Guild, Crossbow Guild and Rod Guild) 2013.07.03 : Episode 15.1 : Fantasmagorica
    Lots of NPC placement changes. 5 New Quests Memorial Dungeon, Charleston Factory New Items 2013.07.31 : Rebellion Class 2013.08.02 : Rebellion Weapons 2013.08.14 : New Clothing Dyes for Kagerou & Oboro classes. 2013.08.21 : Max HP Limits (lvl 99 = 330k, 150 = 660k, 175 = 1.1m) 2013.09.25 : Heroes' Trail Part (Part 3) Fenrir and Airship Assault Memorial Dungeons.
      2013.12.17 : Nightmare Biolabs 2013.12.23 : Episode 15.2 : Memory Record
    2014.01.08 : New World Map. 2014.01.22 : Shop History (Buy/Sell Log) 2014.03.12 : Eden Group Market Hall 2014.04.16 : Summons & Homunculus S Update 2014.08.06 : Monster EXP Increased (Base 75% & Job 100%) 2014.08.06 : Monster HP/ATK Adjustment 2014.09.16 : WoE TE Items 2014.10.07 : Lucky Roulette 2014.10.07 : Pet Evolution 2014.10.28 : Infinite Space 2014.11.05 : Clan System 2014.11.11 : RoDex (Revamped Mail System) 2015.02.25 : Episode 16.1 : Banquet of Heroes
    2015.02.25 : Achievement and Title System Added 2015.02.25 : Banquet Preparation 2015.02.25 : New Dungeon 2015.02.25 : Honor Tokens and New Enchant Item 2015.07.01 : Infinite Space Dungeon Improvements 2015.10.07 : Item Link System (show your items via PM) 2015.10.07 : Eden Group Revamp (missions changed) 2015.10.14 : Reputation System 2016.01.26 : Styling Shop Interface 2016.03.09 : Episode 16.2 : Terra Gloria
    2016.05.10 : Rebellion Class Changes 2016.08.30 : Card Removal System Update 2016.09.06 : Eden Group Changes (100-140) 2016.12.07 : Rock Ridge 2016.12.13 : Marriage System Update (Doram x Human) 2016.12.27 : New Dungeon : Illusion of Moonlight 2017.01.03 : Glastheim Changes 2017.01.25 : New Dungeon : Illusion of Vampire 2017.02.21 : New Dungeon : Illusion of Frozen 2017.04.18 : New Dungeon : Illusion of Abyss 2017.05.23 : Party System UI Update 2017.06.07 : Autotrading / Vending Overhaul 2017.06.21 : Equipment Replace System 2017.06.21 : Orc Memory Changes 2017.06.27 : Monster Racing Revamp 2017.09.26 : Moscovia Card Updates 2018.03.09 : New Dungeon : Illusion of Teddy Bear 2018.05.04 : New Dungeon : Illusion of Luanda 2018.06.27 : World Map Improvements 2018.07.18 : Episode 17.1 : Illusion
    2018.08.09 : Max Level Increased to 185
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to anacondaq in Portable Hercules Compiler for Windows 10 (189MB only)   
    As you see on the video above, the compiler works PERFECTLY fine on Windows for Hercules.
    I think this small and very easy to use thing will be very helpful for people which care about their storage, and bandwidth.
    Create a package of code compiler for the emulator, which took up little space,
    and will as portable as possible, it will not require installation, and which can be stored on a USB flash drive.
    Download Link: MEGA or Google Drive (189MB)
    How to use?
    Like on Linux, but on windows (thx to Cygwin)
     Download, extract, run start_console.cmd  cd D:\path\to\your\emulator make clean && ./configure && make server wait when compilation will finish ./run-server.bat make sure that your SQL server is working fine (if you don't have any install, or take OpenServer from RO offline pack) If you wish to run a server outside the Cygwin environment, you need a lot of dlls copy-paste from /bin/ folder to emulator
    I give up to finish it and fix rAthena compiler issue (because the issue with CMake files, they are weird), because I have no time and it's out of my interest.
    Extra Notes
    Request: please, someone who can fix the rAthena to make work with this release.
    189MB compiler is very helpful, because not need to download 1.9GB for lite MSBuild, and ~8-9GB for Visual Studio. Feel the difference.
    Note: cygwin always slower than original native code. Note: rAhena can't compile with -stl=c++11, use -stl=gnu++11 Note: even with this -stl=gnu+11 you will get a crash a char-server, if you are a developer, try to debug it by yourself and fix, this is rAthena issue, not a package issue. Note: tested: hercules, eathena, brathena, 3ceam -> works fine without any issues, even in gdb mode.  
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Dastgir in dDelays(Anti NoDelays) - Releasing this weekend   
    Hello Community,

    What is dDelays?

    You should have heard about Delays hack by editing out grf or whatsoever method..
    This will make the delays hard-coded and will not be able to use those hacks.

    Site https://ddelays.dastgir.tech/ Price Introductory Offer:
    Weekly: 1.25$
    Monthly: 5$
    Quarterly: 18$
    Beta Date 27th October 2019 (Sunday) Payment Method PayPal / PayTM / Others(Message in discord) Discord
    For Any kind of support/question/payment related query: https://discord.gg/sb4mkdH Emulators Hercules (Fully Supported). Other Emulator Support coming by 3rd November 2019 (Sunday)  
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Neo in NEMO - Client Patcher   
    N.E.M.O. - Neo Exe Modification Organizer

    Why another client patcher? well
    1) WeeDiffGen - isn't working for 2013 clients + it depends on dlls (not that its a bad thing but i like scripting )
    2) xDiffGen - yes its scripted but we need to depend on xdiff files.

    so i made a new one based on xDiffGen and here it is. The patches are written in QtScript format.
    Details of making a patch have already been written in a seperate topic - although now it needs to be updated with more details.
    I have already converted most of the patches from xDiffGen.

    Why this name? - well I didn't want it to be called * Gen No offense  
    plus someone keeps calling me Nemo in IRC which gave me the idea


    How to use?
    1) First you need to specify your client file in Input Exe file box. If you browse to select the file name, Output Patched box gets updated with a _patched suffix filename automatically. Ofcourse you can select your own name for the output.
    2) Next we need to load both the client and the scripts (patches & addons). so click Load Client button.
    3) Select the patches you want . In case you patched once before (for whatever date) they will be saved in your local and you can use the Select Previous button to select them again. Also you can try using the Select Rcomnded button to select all the Recommended patches.
    4) So your patches are selected and client is loaded what next but to Apply Patches  which will generate the output file. In 2.0 version , NEMO also generates a .secure.txt file containing the MD5, SHA1 and CRC32 values of the output exe file which you can use in various tools.
    5) You can use the Save Profile and  Load Profile buttons for saving/reloading a set of patches & input values, that you have selected (even if they are not applied) for future use.
    6) Whenever you apply patches to a client, NEMO updates the patchlist.log file (along with Inputlist.db) in the folder where NEMO.exe is. This file will contain the list of patches you have applied along with their IDs (do not tamper with either of them).
    Changes in 2.0:
    1) I have made some obvious modifications to the interface (you can definitely see the change in case you have seen v1.0).
         i) Buttons have come downwards and is no longer strippable (toolbar has been fixed in position)
         ii) New status Label has been added which shows your currently loaded client date and how many patches are selected.
         iii) NEMO now has support for Addons - scripts that are meant to retrieve data from the client and do its own thing (not patch the client).
              All the Extract xDiff patches has been added here already. 1 extra addon will be coming soon once i can fix it.
         iv) New Filter box has been added which does live search (i.e. filter as you type) for filtering out only the patches u want to see.
               For e.g. if you type color, it will only show patches that have the string color in either it's name or the description.
              You can also use regular expression . Also you can sort the columns now
        v) An upcoming feature - Test Patches. this one you can use for testing a newly added patch for a variety of clients that you select.
    2) NEMO is no longer there in SVN. I have shifted it to GitHub . The rar file uploaded has the .git file so you should be able to directly pull to get updates. But just in case I have also provided the repository link below.
    Remember to pull for updates before using NEMO and let me know if you are facing any bugs or issues or if i have missed out on anything. Enjoy .
    Repository: https://github.com/MStr3am/NEMO.git
    Download Link: NEMO zip file 
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Kubix in Queue BG rewrite   
    Read the topic pls

    Guys, after we release YARL I will make a plugin for latest Hercules. Gimme a time
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to iCORE in [Re-Release] Paradox Vote For Points   
    Re-release of paradox VOTE addon.
    credits to the maker of this addon
    This addon is working on the latest flux CP
    see ./config/access.php to edit
    CASHPOINTS and COINS voting.
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to AnnieRuru in @Maintenance mode   
    Download: 1.4

    create table maintenance ( id int(11) primary key auto_increment, account_id int(11), name varchar(23), reason varchar(99), minlv2connect tinyint(4), order_time datetime, start_time datetime, end_time datetime ) engine = innodb; .
    remember to enable HPMHooking to enable this modification
    plugins_list: [ /* Enable HPMHooking when plugins in use rely on Hooking */ "HPMHooking",..
    sometimes the server countdown jumps 1 second ahead
    this is normal because the timetick from time->add is unstable
    so I use unix_time to synchronize the countdown to server time

    . .
    so, if you found some script/source code having bugs and you need to shut down your server for a short while
    then you come to the right place
    @[member=Maintenance] <Group ID can stay 1~99> <duration to kick in minute> <maintenance duration in minute> <reason>then a GM99 can commence the maintenance 
    Example : '@@Maintenance 40 5 10 need to fix announcer script'
    every player with group ID 40 and below will be kick after 5 minutes
    and the server will start counting down by an announcement,
    during the maintenance of 10 minutes, group ID 40 and below will deny from login into the server
    `maintenance` table will also generate a new line, with the `reason` field as 'need to fix announcer script'
    which is useful to know when and how many times you did emergency server shutdown
    though, the actual reason for using SQL is to persist the data after server shutdown
    so the server will continue being in maintenance mode despite how many times you have shut down the server
    until it times up ( `end_time` field ), or manually do @@Maintenanceoff
    you can't generate a new line using 'INSERT INTO' Sql syntax when server is online
    because I declare a bunch of variables to for them, for the purpose of saving memory consumption
    you have to login the game and type @@Maintenance to initiate the maintenance mode, otherwise it wont work.
    @[member="Maintenance"]offif you have already finished fixing the script/source code, and there's still a lot of time leftyou can type '@@Maintenanceoff' to immediately turn off the maintenance mode so players can login before the schedule.

    . .
    -- Script commands --
    *maintenance <Group ID can stay 1~99>, <duration to kick in minute>, <maintenance duration in minute> { , <reason> };..
    actually I have no idea why I wanna make a script command ... maybe just for fun ?
    - script jsdfksdj -1,{OnMon0255: maintenance 40, 5, 60; end;}.this will make an announcement on Monday, 2:55AM that the server will have a regular server maintenance starts from 3AM to 4AM
    during that time, player with group ID 40 will be kicked and blocked from entering the server
    the `reason` field in `maintenance` table will be defaulted to '*Regular server maintenance*'
    maintenance 40, 5, 60, "系统保养";
    this will overwrite the `reason` field in `maintenance` table to '系统保养' instead of regular maintenance
    *maintenanceoff { <reason> };uhh ... useless I think ....
    *maintenancecheck( <type> );use 'maintenance()' to check the server is currently in maintenance mode or notreturn 0 if server is normal
    return 1 if server is going to have maintenance
    return 2 if server is having maintenance
    all other types are meant to myself to debug this junk
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Aeromesi in [Add-On] Recent | Favorite Warps (Euphy's Warper)   
    View File [Add-On] Recent | Favorite Warps (Euphy's Warper)
    [Add-On] Recent | Favorite Warps (Euphy's Warper)
    What exactly is the Recent and Favorite addition to Euphy's Warper?
    It's exactly what it sounds like.
    You can choose from 5 Most Recent locations you have Warped to.
    You can choose to [save] or [select] your Favorite Warps.
    Your Favorite Warps are saved by saving your Most Current Recent Warps list.
    It's a straight sample from our Public Github in "..npc/custom/warper.txt" (Just so you know what to copy and paste if you have warper.txt enabled.)
    Enjoy Hercules!

    Submitter Aeromesi Submitted 10/19/16 Category Utility  
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Viray420 in Usable Refinery Ores   
    When the item is already +10. automatic fail,. where can i add this if(getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]) >= 10) close;

    no restriction lol. please update this
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Alayne in Script release - lists   
    Hello peoples,
    well first of all, modos, sorry for this post. I don't know where to place it, as I've seen no section dedicated to that so...I there's another place, which fits better to this kind of post, please just move it there.
    So basically, this post has been created to list all the script release I'm available to make. I've got all the scripts I'm about to list, and like to share it all with you guys. 
    But as they list is pretty long and that most of these release will requires a guide of installation and guide of use, I'd like to know which one are the most susceptible to interest people here, on the board.
    So here we go. 
    Edit: As I've been asked already, NaN is used to say "Not specified". Sorry for that.
    Pattern: Title - Small description - predicted release or working date (link to showcase or release)
    Event Package - Contains 12 automated events. Some are just a small mod of the official ones, others are fully custom - NaN
    Instance Package - Contains 5 custom instances and a small modified version of Endless Cellar - NaN
    Quest Package - Contains 10 customs quests, for item or exp - NaN
    Utilities Package - Contains a list of usefull functions or npc (anti afk, anti bot, currency handling...) - NaN
    Dungeons Package - Contains 7 customs dungeons, including one fully handle by scripts poping death players clones - NaN
    Achievement System - Contains an achievement system with 9 modes and a total count of 125 achievements ready to use - NaN
    Ase Fruits - Contains a feature system based over the Demon Fruits from One Piece, using ~40 new items (low headgears) - NaN
    Celestial Tower - Contains a PvP exclusive content, where players must climb a tower to gain money, or bet on fights. Based other Hunter x Hunter arc of the same name - NaN
    Danma - Contains a unique Raid based over Danmachi. - NaN
    Guilds System - Contains a list of 10 crafting job, which can produce over 100+ items (as a Mastersmith will do for instance) - NaN
    Mercenary System - Contains a feature enabling players to rent their time for loot, support... - NaN
    Bounty Hunter - Contains a feature enabling a player to chase a target (can also be use with pk system) - NaN
    Legendary Quest - Contains 3 particularly long and hard quest, used to give high grade reward - NaN
    Rift - Contains a feature which invok a mvp through a rip in the world fabric - NaN
    Apparition - Contains a feature which invok a monster through randomly around the world - NaN
    Yggdrasil Crystal - Contains a feature based over Dragon Balls. Retrieve the 7 crystals to invok the Wish Dragon - NaN
    Yggdrasil Memories - Contains a feature base over Greed Island, from Hunter x Hunter. Collect 100 cards through quest, mob killing or PvP action / spells - NaN
    Scaled Yggdrasil - Raid based over Aincrad dungeon, from Sword Art Online. Contains a small replica of Yggdrasil, where the 9 Realms has to be freed to access the Yggdrasil Root. Death isn't authorized there, as no resurrection will reset your progression - Sunday 29/05/2016 (http://herc.ws/board/topic/12660-scaled-yggdrasil-raid-showcase/)
    Reborn - System enabling a player to restart his base lvl while gaining a bonus stats points. Up to 10 times - NaN
    Evolving Souls - System enabling players to bind his soul to a weapon kind, and make it grow, gaining bonus at some lvl floors. Coupled to a Relic Weapon with Power Word Shard carving, enabling to use and empowered up to 4 skills (3rd class only) inside the weapon - NaN
    Race - System enabling a player to join a race (Jotun, Muspelheimer, Ase, Vane, Mist Alfe, Light Alfe, Sombre Dwarves). Gain bonus through a special class item (no palette), and access to special race item - NaN
    Sealed Gates - Raid based over Yureka's Demon King arc - NaN
    Guild Towns - System enabling a guild to capture and rule a whole city, including fields, dungeons and inhabitants. Use a copy of existing maps but can be adapted to customs - NaN
    Metalimie - System enabling players to gain an extra class (Allomancist, Ferrochemist or Hemallurgist), obtaining bonus throught cunsommable, equipement or pvp kill - NaN
    Fury Energy - Enable player to capture monsters and use some of their powers through Power Beads. Based over Codex Alera, itself based over Pokemon - NaN
    Battle Area - Special area dedicated to PvP. Contains for now a 3 PvP Modes, but will in the end contains 7-8 different modes (battle royal, royal rumble, last survivor, Chaser...) - NaN
    And I think it should be all. Keep in mind that some contents needs to add client mods (maps, items), server mods (item, mobs) or database mods (new table, table edition...)
    If you're interested by some content, please just tell me. I'll try to update the list with links and release date. Also, if you want some more informations, just ask as a reply to this topic.
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Dastgir in Vending Crash Error   
    Get updated msgstringtable.txt , that's the cause of client crashhttps://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to SinjiPrasetio in [WIP] ZenkaiCP - Extraordinary Modern Control Panel.   
    Hello everyone,
    Before I'm explaining about ZenkaiCP I like to Introduce my self
    My name is Sinji, I am a professional Web Developer, I'm working at professional branding company at Medan, Indonesia. I'm very like to play ragnarok online, since junior high class, then I build my own private server, suddenly I have an idea to develop a control panel, with a responsive design. Honestly fluxCP is very good control panel, but the theme templating design is a little outdated, and non-responsive, need a lot of effort to templating the theme. That's why I want to develop a new CP.
    I am developing a new control panel which will be compactible with rAthena and Hercules. While I'm working on the development, I would like if you guys give me some feedback.
    I will post some updates with screenshot later, please be patient!
    The Project Name : ZenkaiCP
    PHP Framework Laravel 5.1. HTML5, Javascript with jQuery, CSS3 for theme templating. Bootstrap Framework Responsive & Mobile Friendly PHP 5.6 required (and other Laravel dependencies). Clean Design SEO Friendly

    Feature Plan:
    Account Feature (Register, Login, Forgot Password, Account Setting) Content Management System Theme Configuration System Friendly Log UI News & Events Custom Patcher Notice Generator (Stream the content from News & Events) Vote for Points Donation Section (Automatically convert to cash or zeny) Paypal Integration (For International user) Stripe Integration (For International user) Doku MyShorcart Integration (For Indonesia user) Player of the Month Guild of the Month Player, Guild, Mercenary Rangking (Zenkai Custom Formula ) Support Ticket Monster Info (load item_db and item_db2, SQL only) Item Info (load mob_db and mob_db2, SQL only) Freebies Feature Contact Us form. Live Chat Support (using tawk.to) Register with Facebook, G+ or Twitter GM Task List ROBrowser Integration Auto Update

    This is current plan of the development, but if you have some idea / request, please let me know.
    Please do not hesitate to give me a feedback, wheter it is a good feedback or not.
    Sorry if my English are bad
    Best regards,
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to • TSilver • in [WIP] TProtect for Ragnarok Servers   
    Hello everyone in Hercules ,

    Im Kiri/TSilver (formerly Ran Online Developer) , i was here to make my gameguard better and ofcourse this gameguard will be free.

    TProtect is an GameGuard coded in C++ and C# , i have two versions of it in alpha stages in ragnarok one is the dll version (you can hook this directly to exe.exe/game.exe so it will be unbypassable and the exe version (but alot don't want to use this even me) .
    Okay lets get straight to the point here's some features

    Features :
    Easy to use CRC Scanning the Game files Easy to configure (Fixing this atm , found alot of bug here) Process Hider (Hides Game.exe/exe.exe process) Server side logging system (Currently in alpha) Many scanning method , so no cheats can go thru Hack Detected Splash (Web type & windowed type) BANNING System (Currently Coding PHP for this) And more to come

    Current Developers :
    TSilver/Quiirex (TProtect Coder) IYS-Security (Dragon Shield Coder)

    Download Links :
    Version 0.2 (Alpha) : Releasing tommorow , messed up the source.

    Updates :
    Version 0.2 : - Splash Screen on start.- Hack Detected Splash Screen On www.linked-host.com/detects/ (Disabled ATM)- Window Name Scanning (Added)- Class Name Scanning (Added)- Bad Words Scanning (Added) - Bad Words Windows Scanning (Added)- Hide Tools Scanning (Added) - Detect generic Hide Tools like Cheat engine and many more.- Vitrual Memory Scanning (Added) - Memory changing blocking 

    Suggestions (To be implemented) :
    Dastgir : Suggestion: make it send Mac and hardware Id. (Implementing ATM)

    Requests :
    Can you detail me about list of cheats/hacks for ragnarok online to be blocked.

    For those who want to work with me , hit up the message button must have atleast great knowledge in c++..

    Donations are alot of help for the development though.
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Ind in Hercules Ultimate Localization Design   
    Hercules Ultimate Localization Design
    Hello~! - What?!
    Servers are now able to run under any number of languages, without having any of the default files modified Designed by Haruna and Ind  
    Translating NPCs without editing them
    By launching map server with the --generate-translations param a .pot (.po template) file will be created with all of the servers translate-able strings (including all npc dialogue), this file can be edited in text mode or by utilising any .po editor (there are many out there; for a high range of OSes) A .po file does not need to be fully translated to be used, map server will know when loading the file, and will fallback to the hardcoded string in the npc files as necessary Users are able to change their language with the new @lang command, @lang controls what language users see in @commands (msg_txt stuff) as well as over npc dialogues map-server.conf has a new setting called default_language where server owners may specify which language should be used as a base When you have a new .po file you want map server to use, add it to db/translations.conf Easy to Maintain
    Since .po is a widely used format there are many tools that can help with merging for example Poedit, which easily consolidates a translated .po file with a newly generated .pot. For example when you have a translated .po and since it was created npc dialogs were added or modified all you have to do is launch map server to generate a new .pot, open your old .po in Poedit, go "Catalog -> Update from POT file" and it will insert the new translatable strings without touching your existing translations, it will also notify you of any "obsolete" strings that are in your .po file but that are no longer in use Script Command Macro
    Besides messages.conf, all the dialogue utilised by 'mes' and 'select' is included in the .pot automatically, this patch also introduces a mechanism for utilising strings outside of these commands, the script macro _() which can be employed just as if it were a script function, for example set [email protected]$,_("Available"); tells map server to export "Available" as a translate-able string when it is run with --generate-translations (when running map server normally the macro has no overhead during runtime) Special Thanks to
    Raizen and Roberto from Cronus, we would not have worked on this if it weren't for them Links~!
    Commit Editing Example
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to x13th in Warper npc   
    change to getgmlevel() to getgroupid() in the warper script
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to x13th in Warper npc   
    add this function below Restrict function
    function VIP { // getarg(0) is the level of the vip that can access the map if ( getarg(0) > getgmlevel() ) { if (getarg(1,0)) { @vip_block = 0; for ([email protected] = 1; [email protected] < getargcount(); [email protected]++) @vip_block = @vip_block | (1<<getarg([email protected])); } else { message strcharinfo(PC_NAME),"Only VIP have access in this map."; close; } } return; }  
    replace function Pick with this
    function Pick { [email protected]_block = @warp_block; @warp_block = 0; [email protected]_block = @vip_block; @vip_block = 0; [email protected] = select(@menu$); if (getarg(0) == "") { [email protected] = [email protected]; [email protected]$ = getarg([email protected]); } else { [email protected] = [email protected](1,0); [email protected]$ = getarg(0)+(([email protected]<10)?"0":"")[email protected]; } if ([email protected]_block & (1<<[email protected])) { message strcharinfo(PC_NAME),"This map is not enabled in "+(RENEWAL?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal."; end; } if ([email protected]_block & (1<<[email protected])) { message strcharinfo(PC_NAME),"Only VIP have access in this map."; close; } [email protected] = @c[[email protected]*2]; [email protected] = @c[[email protected]*2+1]; deletearray @c[0],getarraysize(@c); Go([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]); } How to use?
    Call the function VIP before the warp function.
    For town warps:
    VIP(1) = the number 1 is the level that can access the map
    T1: VIP(1); Go("prontera",155,183); For fields and dungeons:
    F5: VIP(1,2,9); Restrict("Pre-RE",5); setarray @c[2],180,178,231,160,191,172,228,194,224,203,190,223,234,177,194,175,172,172; Disp("Comodo Field",1,9); Pick("cmd_fild"); As you can see we have 3 argument, ( 1, 2 , 9 )
    1 = the number 1 is the level that can access the map
    2 = is the second comodo field that have restriction
    9 = is the 9th comodo field that have restriction
    You can add more arguments. VIP(1, 1,2,3... )
    Hope this will fulfill your request
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Aeromesi in Display Battlegrounds information (@bginfo), Display the BG settings you made for your server!   
    Topic says it all, display the battleground information on your server using @bginfo.
    Add in ..src/map/atcommand.c in any line
    /*==========================================* @bginfo by Aeromesi / Michael - Converted from eAthena to Hercules* -> Displays the Battlegrounds info you setup on your server to your players./=============================================*/ACMD(bginfo){ char buf[CHAT_SIZE_MAX];  memset(buf, '0', sizeof(buf));      snprintf(buf, "BG Settings: Flee Penalty rate %.1fx  Short Attack Damage rate %.1fx /  Long Attack Damage rate %.1fx / Weapon Attack Damage rate %.1fx / Magic Attack Damage rate %.1fx",    battle_config.bg_flee_penalty/100., battle_config.bg_short_damage_rate/100., battle_config.bg_long_damage_rate/100., battle_config.bg_weapon_damage_rate/100., battle_config.bg_magic_damage_rate/100.);      clif->message(fd, buf);      return 0;}
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Kubix in Xenforo & ragnarok accounts integration   
    request: http://herc.ws/board/topic/11776-request-forum-system/
    You can give rewards ingame for forum achievements.
    100 messages = 500K zeny
    20 likes = 50k zeny
    3 trophies = 3K zeny
    and whatever you want:)
    Maybe later I will write a new functions for give rewards on forum for achievements in game
    100 pvp kills = new icon on forum and etc.
    Forum tables must be in one database with ragnarok tables (because I do not remember whether you can use a different database from RO, in addition to the one that is configured in inter_athena)
    Video: https://youtu.be/2C3VzMWV2G4
    Download (sample NPC and FluxCP addon): Google Drive
    Configure /addons/integration/lang/en_us.php !
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    DoriTos Nacho reacted to Kubix in Queue BG rewrite   
    I find eAmod BGs in public and rewrite some src and scripts for Hercules.
    Conquest Rush Flavius TD Register - @joinbg or NPC, leave - @leavebg
    This is queue BG with multiple windows checking by Gepard ID or IP.
    56 BG consumable items (using only on BG) with boxes 56 WoE consumable items (using only on WoE) with boxes Item list New script commands:
    bg_reward bg_team_reveal flooritem flooritem2xy bg_getitem bg_getkafrapoints bg_single bg_create_team (added OnPCDie and OnPCLogout events.) Settings:
    OnInit: // ===== Multiple Windows checking by ? // = 1 - Gepard Shield // = 2 - IP .MultipleCheck = 1; // ===== BG Colors setarray .BG_Color$[0], "0xDDA0DD", "0x7CCD7C", "0xFFA500"; // ===== BG NPC & Arena Names setarray .BG_Names$[0], "Rush", "Flavius TD", "Conquest"; setarray .BG_Arena$[0], "Rush", "Flavius_TD", "Conquest"; // ===== BG Player Amount setarray .BG_Min[0], 2, 2, 2; setarray .BG_Max[0], 30, 30, 30; // ===== BG Locations setarray .BG_Map$[0], "rush_cas04", "bat_b03", "schg_cas06"; // ===== BG X/Y Coordinates setarray .BG_GuillX[0], 270, 390, 264; setarray .BG_GuillY[0], 292, 10, 379; setarray .BG_CroixX[0], 270, 10, 295; setarray .BG_CroixY[0], 288, 290, 379; bindatcmd "joinbg", strnpcinfo(0) + "::OnJoinBG", 0, 99; bindatcmd "leavebg", strnpcinfo(0) + "::OnLeaveBG", 0, 99; // ===== Time to flood in seconds. .Flood_Time = 180; // ===== Enable debug mode? .debug = false; Sorry, not all instructions translated to English now.
    Github: https://github.com/kubixservice/QueueBG
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