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  1. Instead of displaying Accounts, Characters, Guilds, Parties, and Zennies. Can someone edit it to display Login Server, Char Server, Map Server, Players Online, and GMs Online?
  2. Can somebody help me convert/translate this script to hercules? it's from n0tttt in rAthena. Thank you! pvp.txt
  3. Hello, Can someone help me make a "bmp" file that fits to the movement of character on the mini map? I have attached the poblacion map files and the bmp i have that doesn't fit to the movements on the character. Please help me Thank you! poblacion.7z poblacion.bmp
  4. I cannot @go to a map that is loaded already on my server? help!
  5. I successfully ran the code. But I still cannot @go to my custom map?
  6. Seems like I can't add a custom map even tho i did the following: 1. Add ".gat", ".gnd", ".rsw" files on data folder. 2. Edited "mapnametable.txt" file and "resnametable.txt" file in data folder. 3. Edited the "map_index.txt" file in db folder. 4. Repacked the "map_cache.dat" file in pre-re folder. The error is: [Debug]: mapindex_name2id: Map "mapname" not found in index list!