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  1. I have a "Move on package" readily available, for free.
  2. For some reason I find this more better looking than RO.
  3. Hi Uzieal, Thank you for making a great siggy! Will be using it in a few! Again thank you alot.
  4. Valor


    Welcome mate!
  5. I wish its gonna be as easy as commanding Siri when you want some huges changes in emulator. This requires a bunch of scripts; and atm I cannot help out coz I'm at work.
  6. - Filipinos are not allowed to request any of my services. They may, however, buy pre-made Flux integrations. Clearly, Features: - JayPee's V4P (Filipino) | clydelion's rss2news .(Filipino) I do not think you're allowed too for being sooo nice to filipinos.
  7. Anyone has this complete working collection of official headgears? No error? Data folder with complete spr, act and stuff needed to wear,drop those headgears properly. - Creadit to Ai4reii
  8. I believe this was setup in eamod. I just do not know exactly how it works; though this sounds helpful on big-scale servers.
  9. In my 7 years from eathena back then; I do not even know this! Amazing yommy
  10. Probably a complete packed for everyone; Complete datafolder fresh with translation Ragexe lastest with loki or rocred or rolex which ever as long as they could connect to the newer clients.(default) .xdiff file to be used to client customization and needs for everyone. It should be a ready to go thing and packed with basic setup.. I thought someone did this already but it isnt supporting cashshop yet?