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  1. Happy Birthday, Ind =D! I hope you have an amazing day~
  2. Yuki

    Character Based Sex

    I think this is a neat addition <3. I would love to have this in =D!
  3. Wow, all of this is amazing <3. Great job! And lol, that animation XD~
  4. I like to use Sniper and and High Wizard =D. Hooray for range attacks~
  5. Great job with the Patcher, Mist =D! Looks awesome~ I used that font a long time ago - love it! And thanks, YusofRazak! I coded one of the patchers (the Valkyrie one) with Neoncube, but I don't know how many people use that now haha. Only know how to code in that at the moment~
  6. Oh... I guess I missed it all. I hope everything can be resolved peacefully <3. Good luck!
  7. Can someone from the rAthena team at least post a new status on the Facebook page in order to give a firm confirmation that things are progressing? It's been 14 days since the last update... (on Facebook anyways).
  8. FIRST will still be up, but it's just difficult to get "steady" reviewers. However, that's not up to us as it really depends on our volunteers. Yusifer got her own things going as well (and maybe RO 2 ), but hopefully, she can be active again in the future <3. Just curious, how's the website going =D?
  9. Thanks =D! I was wondering if I should upload these files in the Download section, but I didn't know if that would be too... "repetitive" (or if I could do that actually). Maybe I'll do so if I get more things released (which I might very soon~).
  10. Hopefully, they're making progress! And, I just noticed the H.C. position got changed to High Council haha. Didn't know what H.C. stood for before (High contributor? Lol XD), but now I know~
  11. Yuki

    Staff Changes

    Congratulations to everyone =D! All three of you deserve the promotion <3, and thank you all for your hard work and dedication as always ;D. Good luck to the Hercules team!
  12. They've been trying for days, with the latest news being: "HDD is not reallocating bad sectors to their reserved space." - May 14th. Hopefully, something works out for them in the end. Lol haha, great tips, Jman XD. Especially with the second tip... Or, at least let the public know the progress with a daily summary at the end of the day (there is a Google Doc though). Maybe they should have updated their Facebook group status - latest post by them was May 9th, but there are a bunch of posts under that status. Heard that IRC is active, but I don't use IRC (as with some people probably), so I didn't know what was happening until I saw posts on RMS. Best of luck to them. And it's great that Hercules is fine~ -Message from the hidden (not-so-hidden-anymore) RO stalker
  13. Hi everyone, To vent out my stress, I just made up some random and simple patcher designs that I want to release for free. I know my Photoshop skills aren't the best, but sometimes simplicity is good enough? I'm used to Neoncube patchers, so I am not sure about all the features of Thor and what additional features/designs I can add. Hence, these designs can be used for both types of patchers I suppose. Yes, I basically spammed the round rectangle shape art tool haha. All designs come with 2 PSDs (one for the original looks and one with hover over looks; screenshots are provided as well in the individual folders). Some screenshots are shown in the spoiler below. They are not coded (though when I have more time, I can try to learn and code them, kind of already got the gist but not the motivation). It'll be awesome if someone gets to use these designs and have them coded (let me know if you have them coded as well)! Use these as you please in any way. I do not claim any of the images, and if there are any concerns with the use of any of the background images, let me know and I'll remove them. If there are any requests, just shoot a PM, and I can try when I have time. Remember, I can only make simple designs... like these. When I have more time, I'll look into Photoshop techniques, etc. Thanks! DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?q4pmlnswmosesx6 Heavy images below! Sorry, the spoiler button isn't working for me!
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