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  1. Thanks to everyone who has applied so far! Right now, we are looking for interested and exclusive spriters to join our team! If you are interested, send a PM with your application details, thank you!
  2. Ziff is an amazing mapper, and I really appreciate his services. He takes the time to go over details with you and is patient throughout, willing to answer any questions. He's also very understandable when it comes to people's budgets, and I'm glad to get some maps from him! They look great and elegant. I definitely recommend Ziff as a mapper - You won't regret purchasing maps from him! Good luck with your other maps, Ziff =D!
  3. Happy Birthday, Ind =D! I hope you have an amazing day~
  4. Yuki

    Character Based Sex

    I think this is a neat addition <3. I would love to have this in =D!
  5. Thank you to those who have previously applied! We are still looking for exclusive team members as we have amazing ideas in store, and hence we would like to have staff members who will be with the server in particular. We are still looking for developers, scripters (who can also deal with client-side files), mappers, and spriters! Thanks!
  6. Wow, all of this is amazing <3. Great job! And lol, that animation XD~
  7. I like to use Sniper and and High Wizard =D. Hooray for range attacks~
  8. Great job with the Patcher, Mist =D! Looks awesome~ I used that font a long time ago - love it! And thanks, YusofRazak! I coded one of the patchers (the Valkyrie one) with Neoncube, but I don't know how many people use that now haha. Only know how to code in that at the moment~
  9. Oh... I guess I missed it all. I hope everything can be resolved peacefully <3. Good luck!
  10. Can someone from the rAthena team at least post a new status on the Facebook page in order to give a firm confirmation that things are progressing? It's been 14 days since the last update... (on Facebook anyways).
  11. Hi everyone! We are currently looking for capable developers, scripters, mappers, and spriters who can make some amazing ideas become a reality! The name of the server will remain confidential until further contact. As for information about the server, an in-depth document will be provided once the person who applied will surely be on the team. We are looking for skilled and trustworthy staff members as this project can make a huge impact if we all work well as a team! This will be a large and interesting project, and we aim for this server to be long-term. We got the ideas, servers, etc - but what we need now are developers, scripters, mappers, and spriters who share the same interest of making this server huge and long-lasting. We're serious about this server, and we're serious that it will be an amazing one, bound to attract hundreds of players. Looking for: *Spriters who can make us unique customs to implement - We have some amazing plot lines that require awesome sprites and rewards <3. *Mappers who are interested in making specialized maps and towns for our awesome ideas in store - It's all part of our server theme~ More information can be provided once the applicant is aboard with us. [Good for now!] *Developers who are experienced, professional, and will be willing to build innovative features from the ground up! [Good for now!] *Scripters who are seasoned and are able to produce their own works. Story plots can be provided, or the scripters can share their ideas with the team. Story quests will play a key role on the server! [Good for now!] *We are looking for exclusive staff members!* For those who are interested, please send me a PM with an application and any previous works! Applicants can send a PM to me here or to Yukino on RMS (ratemyserver.net). I'm very excited for this project, and I would love to have anyone eager and capable to join us <3! We're all friendly folks over here! Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this thread!
  12. Kamishi is an amazing spriter <3~ I was wondering if you got the SAO sprite started =D. I'm interested in getting it if you ever release it haha!
  13. FIRST will still be up, but it's just difficult to get "steady" reviewers. However, that's not up to us as it really depends on our volunteers. Yusifer got her own things going as well (and maybe RO 2 ), but hopefully, she can be active again in the future <3. Just curious, how's the website going =D?
  14. Thanks =D! I was wondering if I should upload these files in the Download section, but I didn't know if that would be too... "repetitive" (or if I could do that actually). Maybe I'll do so if I get more things released (which I might very soon~).
  15. Hopefully, they're making progress! And, I just noticed the H.C. position got changed to High Council haha. Didn't know what H.C. stood for before (High contributor? Lol XD), but now I know~