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  1. I saw it now, skill is bugging because of this: Mine is good now. Thanks everyone.
  2. Experiencing this too on november svn revision, all of the skills can cast without pre-requisite or required weapons. You can rapid fire without gun, arrow shower and double strafe without bow, sonic blow without katar on assassin cross (equipped with dagger). I don't know if that's the new normal but that's not quite right. This here works on me, but the concern is how bout the other skills? Does it really act to be like bug behavior or needed to manually code like this solution above?
  3. It's always saying skill failed whenever it casted on emp.
  4. xJhay

    Duplicate Mob

    Thank you, it works.
  5. xJhay

    Duplicate Mob

    Is there anyway to duplicate monster in mob_db (or even in other way)? I've been trying to duplicate thanatos and naghtsieger but this warning always showing.
  6. Hi mam, once again error won't show up in windows compiler but showing in another compiler. Here it is, already tried the 0.2:
  7. warning for latest svn.
  8. xJhay


    Hello mam, got a little request/concern/inquires? I put this cell_pvp script on my main town prontera. In my map_zone_db, I disable something skills like large aoe skills for towns (ex: storm gust, lov, meteor assault, etc...) Is there any chance that those skills will be enable once inside cell_pvp? Edit: • additional info : Behavior of the penalty of no skill outside cell_pvp is for the whole map, not with near cell_pvp. please correct me if I'm wrong with this but I don't think that's intentional or? (i just try to inc_agi myself far from cell_pvp but it won't let me")
  9. Hi Maam Annie! I'm trying this wonderful script right now and I'm receiving this error: Is this normal? The poring changes to a players sprite but whenever I talk to the NPC, it gives me that error notif.
  10. //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Freebies NPC with Gepard Function supported //===== By: ================================================== //= BeWan //https://rathena.org/board/profile/62232-bewan/ //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Description: ========================================= //= this freebies npc is supported gepard function " unique_id " //= you can add multiple reward items //============================================================ prontera,150,150,4 script Freebies NPC 123,{ [email protected]_id$ = get_unique_id(); if(getd("$ID_" + [email protected]_id$) > 0 || #FreebiesReward > 0){ mes "[Freebies NPC]"; mes "You have already claimed your Freebies."; close; } mes "[Freebies NPC]"; mes "Here's your Freebies. Have a nice day!"; setd "$ID_" + [email protected]_id$,1; #FreebiesReward = 1; $freebies_count -= 1; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.items); [email protected] += 2) getitem .items[[email protected]],.items[[email protected]+1]; if ($freebies_count == 0) $reward_status = 1; end; OnInit: setarray .items, 501,10,502,10; end; } I see this one on rathena, maybe he's referring to this one.
  11. Hello sir dastgir. I do nothing but to put the plugin and recompile it, then the warning shows up. Edit: When I compile it to windows, its okay and it has no error shows. Only in CentOS.
  12. Hi mam annie, yes that was me. I recently migrated to hercules because of its unique features that rathena hasn't implement yet. I both trying to learn and adopt the two emu but I guess hercules was great and friendly user so far and I might stick with hercules starting this week. Regarding to the topic, I will try this asap and thank you so much.
  13. Is there a way to limit the spawn time for monsters on dead/bloddy branch? Like after the monster has been spawned, if it's not been hit for about 5mins. It'll automatically die or something like @killmonster2 for no drop. That's all. Thank you in advance. "I don't know if there's a related thread about this concern so please bear me if there's one already. (PS: I do the search)"
  14. Hi mam annie. Sometimes, its happening and I'm not sure of that kind of behavior but the main thing is I kinda worried of those warning because it's too many and might cause of more exploits or something.
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