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  1. No mariDb probably eill check to download this any easy guide to use this
  2. Hi guys, please help me! cant connect to MySQL server on attached photos) im using Visual Studio 2017 for compilation. hercules updated. kro Updated Thanks in advance.
  3. Dastgir,

    please pm me, i cant send any msgs to you. I have some questions regarding your services

  4. No credit card? I advise you to order paymaya card. Try to search on it. No registration required. Just order on their website and pay 150php when the card delivered.Then follow instructions how to register it under your name. Then create an account in paypal, link your newly registered paymaya card. Im using it and can purchase items i want online. Just make sure that you have enough balance on it before purchasing anything. You can reload it even in 7/11 kiosk, sm, rob, ministop, www.paymaya.com
  5. Any problem existing on this? Or the files on the link now is the very latest version update?
  6. Pre-review. I agree to the previous reviews. He is very accommodating. He reply fast. We'll maybe he's online that time. But yeah, 2 thumbs up!! January 17,2017,I made an order, worth $100.00 (discounted). I'm totally inlove on his works. Now waiting for delivery of my orders. Availability: 9/10 Cannot guarantee you the 100% availavility. Ofcourse he needs to sleep also like you. Communication: 10/10 Works: 10/10 Price: 10/10 reasonable price for his works. He gives discounts on sales over 100$. Hope that his paid works will not release into public as free. Trustworthy:10/10 just delivered 95% of the orders. Kudos Haziel!!!
  7. Recommended ba yung hostingmalaya.com??? Singapore base sya na may DDoS...
  8. It looks like theres a wall in an unoccupied cells in towns especially prontera and izlude. I cant walk on other cells. What do you think is the problem? In izlude town, I noticed that the npc's are moved. Some npc's are in the water. Help. Does anyone experience this? My kro renewal is up to date. Im using 2013-08-07 client
  9. How to config hostname? I mean, should the hostname be all digit numbers? I try to fill up the order forms in ro hosting and asking for hostname. What does it mean? Hostname: servername.yourdomain.com Lets say for testRO...the website is http://www.testro.com testro is the servername. Where should i get the yourdomain.com? Does it mean that I have to buy domain name from webhosting? If that so, the hostname will be, testro.testro.com? Its redundant. Can somebody explain to me.? Thanks.
  10. Hi Guys, I am hiring someone who can do the following jobs for me: 1. Customized Costume. Example is Pikachu Costume. Wearable(can be lower headgear) and can change your sprite into monster Pickachu. 30-50 Costumes should be enough. I expect that when it's done, I will just put it into my RO folder and use it! 2. Custom Items. Separated from no. 1 I require 300-1500 Items (no duplication) Please double check. I found someone selling 1500 custom Items for a good price. Unfortunately, was not able to reach him. If someone have it from here. Please message me ASAP. Expectations: Same as Job No. 1 3. Poring Coin Farm Script or any specific Item Monster: Poring HP: 1M Damage being taken: 1dmg per sec like Plants. Drops: Poring Coin/TCG (RANDOM DROPS) Map: One Permanent Map for this Event (Which I can change) Qualifications: Popularity/Reliability/Reputation Good Prices Easy to reach/contact via e-mails or PM here Was able to do the job before end of January. Mode of Payment: PAYPAL Email: [email protected] Will be waiting for applicants. MORE JOBS TO COME!!!
  11. Hi guyz, I would like to request a script that will drop random amount of poring coin on a specific map with poring named "sky poring". And the hp of that poring will be 100k-2M then the damage taken by that poring is only 1 like on the plants. Is that even possible.. Thanks in advance
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