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  1. You right. Thanks for helping! // When set to true, the damage field in packets sent from woe maps will be set // to -1, making it impossible for GMs, Bots and Hexed clients to know the // actual damage caused by attacks. (Note 1) hide_woe_damage: true Close the topic, please.
  2. All the maps seated with GvG Flag limit the Damage in Mobs or Players in 1 per Hit. if disables the GvG Flag the damages working normal. We can see the problem in the SS's. Anyone with the same problem? I use Hercules Git of February.
  3. The BG Flag Itens can be cosumed by Skills. @Dastgir
  4. Thanks bro! @4144 I set remove the most of buttons, but all still can available. See images. #Ignore the rAthena Logo please, my server is Hercules, only for data folder.
  5. Can possible to remove Doran Creation in 2018 Clients? Only a question.
  6. Try bg_reserved_char_id: 999998 woe_reserved_char_id: 999999 After updated code you received this?
  7. Holy, I am so sorry. I won't see this, thanks for reply. About the Emergency Call can be cast repeatedly... No Countdown delay.
  8. This bugs only show if i remove BG ARENAS of BG_COMMON config. For exemplo, remove all bgs mode except CONQUEST, RUSH AND TDM.
  9. I use the latest and the latest HerculesCore. And you?
  10. I received this error when start: ./login-server: error while loading shared lib raries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or di rectory ./char-server: error while loading shared libraries: canno t open shared object file: No such file or directory ./map-server: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  11. Hey, great project. It will take the dependence of many rAmod and finally migrate to Hercules. Go Go hard!
  12. Não tinha visto xD Então, como compilo sem converter? Ele vai pedir pra converter, só dizer não.