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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question about Slow Grace, in ASPD reduction when the char have a higher AGI status total the ASPD wont reduce. If the char have 193 ASPD still the same. But have lower AGI the skill works fine. Anyone know about this imunize/resistence status based on AGI total status? PS: I changed the formula in Skill.c many time but if char have a higher AGI makes him imune. case DC_DONTFORGETME: #ifdef RENEWAL val1 = st->dex/10 + 3*skill_lv; // ASPD decrease val2 = st->agi/10 + 2*skill_lv; // Movement speed adjustment. #else val1 = st->dex/10 + 3*skill_lv + 5; // ASPD decrease val2 = st->agi/10 + 3*skill_lv + 5; // Movement speed adjustment. #endif if(sd){ val1 += pc->checkskill(sd,DC_DANCINGLESSON); val2 += pc->checkskill(sd,DC_DANCINGLESSON); } break; Thanks for all.
  2. You right. Thanks for helping! // When set to true, the damage field in packets sent from woe maps will be set // to -1, making it impossible for GMs, Bots and Hexed clients to know the // actual damage caused by attacks. (Note 1) hide_woe_damage: true Close the topic, please.
  3. All the maps seated with GvG Flag limit the Damage in Mobs or Players in 1 per Hit. if disables the GvG Flag the damages working normal. We can see the problem in the SS's. Anyone with the same problem? I use Hercules Git of February.
  4. The BG Flag Itens can be cosumed by Skills. @Dastgir
  5. Thanks bro! @4144 I set remove the most of buttons, but all still can available. See images. #Ignore the rAthena Logo please, my server is Hercules, only for data folder.
  6. Can possible to remove Doran Creation in 2018 Clients? Only a question.
  7. Try bg_reserved_char_id: 999998 woe_reserved_char_id: 999999 After updated code you received this?
  8. Holy, I am so sorry. I won't see this, thanks for reply. About the Emergency Call can be cast repeatedly... No Countdown delay.
  9. This bugs only show if i remove BG ARENAS of BG_COMMON config. For exemplo, remove all bgs mode except CONQUEST, RUSH AND TDM.
  10. I use the latest and the latest HerculesCore. And you?
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