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  1. Great work! Looks like test server doesnt work
  2. Where i can find list of working features?
  3. Its easy to use. Any person can make server using it
  4. Looking for 100-200$ well looked Flux CP theme
  5. One guy looking CUTE Flux design (images+code). Neex examples 100% He can pay ~100-200$ for this
  6. If there's some error message, you can post it here. There is no err message. Just client crashes, and dump appeares
  7. Hi guys. My 20-03-13 exe get random crashes on warp/location loads. Sometimes client crashes once a day, sometime once an hour. I got a lot of dumps. but don't know how to check them. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  8. It works but will i got any problems by making pneuma Ensemble skill ? I mean bugs or smth else?
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