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  1. im using ragnahosting for 2 months na, may mga naging problema ako pero naayos naman including a refund. sa speed at price ill rate it 4/5! sa support naman if ang question mo is tungkol sa hosting at hindi yung FAQs sasagot sya ng whitin 48hrs pero kung tungkol na sa RO and other things not related to the services matagal and minsan hindi na nila sinasagot boss pandaaa tama si boss sikiro dapat matuto ka rin kahit mga basic lang about sa pag configure ng server para hindi ka na aabala. o kaya kumuha ka ng paid services jan na trusted na. so para saken hindi scammer ang ragnahosting jan 2017 upto now ok naman sya para saken
  2. Does anybody know how to get in touch with mr. functor? I tried contacting him on skype and also tried a private message here but no reply. I am wondering why new servers have gepard shield installed and yet i am having trouble buying it from mr. functor. anyone who can help me contact mr. functor?
  3. change it under hercules/db/pre-re/exp.txt (if pre-renewal) hercules/db/re/exp.txt(if renewal)
  4. Hi! i guess what you need to do is reset your vps in ragnahosting and then overwrite everything EXCEPT for the CONF folder
  5. only +9 reputation including mine oh come on guys this guy needs more than that!
  6. so much love! thank you!
  7. Tristan

    Reward System

    what is the error message?
  8. Greetings! I would like to request for an NPC Script that gives a reward to a player if he reaches 3 max level character in one account. with these following set of rules: Can set if the characters had same job = 1 or 0 (yes or no) Example. 3 Sniper <--- NOT ACCEPTED 2 Sniper 1 Lord Knight <----- NOT ACCEPTED 1 Sniper 1 Lord Knight 1 Clown <---- -ACCEPTED Can set the reward. Can set the amount of reward. Can give multiple reward. Example: 2x different Costumes 1m Zeny 10x WoE potion Only 1 of those 3 max level characters can claim the reward. Announce if someone claimed the reward. etc... My Offer: 5$ I can pay thru paypal (i will shoulder the fees) -already got someone thank you
  9. Tristan

    [WIP] dDelays

    second week of february is near! im willing to offer my body for testing lol
  10. will it work in hercules?
  11. how can i limit my players in using @warp and @go for about 1minute cooldown?
  12. Tristan

    [WIP] dDelays

    i would like to test it in my upcoming server Hail Dastgr! discount discount discount does it have anti-bot feature also?