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  1. I would like some help Like I do to leave Agi and Bless Active in Custom hat until X Level Ex: player got level 60 agi and bless ceases to be active and some only gets the look of the custom hat
  2. Hello, Anyone know how to implement this wing as a cover and the sprite appear? Imagem 1 - bRO Imagem 2 - My server My Item_db2 My Accname.. My Accessoryid My iteminfo.lub
  3. Could someone tell me how I add in a script to try out the item as visual before finalizing a quests?
  4. it's ok the error is giving there na img
  5. conf/plugins.conf plugins_list: [ "HPMHooking", "_afk", "_arealoot", "restock", src/plugins/ restock.c Edit: makefile MYPLUGINS := _afk _arealoot restock Compiling . /configure > make sql > make plugins
  6. Does anyone have an @restock or plugin system? I downloaded the forum is with bug in the current emulators @restock