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  1. Do you speak about this ?
  2. The sword icon is the BG Emblem, no ? Can find it in clif.c: clif->sendbgemblem_area(sd); clif->sendbgemblem_single(sd->fd,tsd);
  3. Hit', about the bg_flavius_td.txt error : i think there is an error in the pull request : change this : [email protected], hBG_get_data([email protected]_Team1, 0); [email protected], hBG_get_data([email protected]_Team2, 0); to: [email protected] = hBG_get_data([email protected]_Team1, 0); [email protected] = hBG_get_data([email protected]_Team2, 0); For the first error, you have to disable official BG npc ^^
  4. @hit, about this error : [Warning]: mob_readdb_mobavail: Unknown mob id 2100. [Error]: sv_readdb: Could not process contents of line 45 of "db/mob_avail.txt". have you add this in your mob_db.conf ?
  5. Here there is no step about the conf, i've got the same error the first time i install a plugin, you have to declare the plugin in conf->plugin.conf ^^
  6. Hi, i don't know how use the pull request, i'm on github since somes day for my server ^^ And for the immunity check it doesn't work ^^'. So after many try and research(i'm bad in C ^^'), i've finaly fix it BUILDIN(hBG_monster_immunity) { struct mob_data *md; struct block_list *mbl; struct hBG_mob_data *hBGmd; int id = script_getnum(st, 2), flag = script_getnum(st, 3); if (id == 0 || (mbl = map->id2bl(id)) == NULL || mbl->type != BL_MOB) { script_pushint(st, 0); return false; } md = (TBL_MOB *)mbl; if (!(hBGmd = getFromMOBDATA(md, 0))) { CREATE(hBGmd, struct hBG_mob_data, 1); addToMOBDATA(md, hBGmd, 0, true); } hBGmd->state.immunity = flag; return true; } int battle_check_target_post(int retVal, struct block_list *src, struct block_list *target, int flag) { if (retVal == 1 && target->type == BL_MOB) { struct hBG_mob_data *hBGmd; if ((hBGmd = getFromMOBDATA((TBL_MOB*)target, 0))) if (hBGmd && (hBGmd->state.immunity > 0)) { return -1; } } return retVal; }
  7. Hi ! for the After cast delay of guild skill i've fix it : int skillnotok_pre(uint16 *skill_id, struct map_session_data **sd) { int16 idx, m; nullpo_retr(1, *sd); m = (*sd)->bl.m; idx = skill->get_index(*skill_id); if (idx == 0) return 1; if (map->list[m].flag.battleground && *skill_id >= GD_SKILLBASE && *skill_id <= GD_DEVELOPMENT) if ((*sd)->blockskill[idx] || !(map->list[m].flag.battleground)) { clif->skill_fail(*sd, *skill_id, USESKILL_FAIL_SKILLINTERVAL, 0); hookStop(); return 1; } return 0; return (map->list[m].flag.noskill); } but for the hBg_monster_immunity flag, i've tryed somethings but it result nothing ^^'
  8. For deathmatch it's about this : set [email protected], hBG_get_data([email protected]_Team1, 0); set [email protected], hBG_get_data([email protected]_Team2, 0); i change to : [email protected] = hBG_get_data([email protected]_Team1, 0); [email protected] = hBG_get_data([email protected]_Team2, 0); and no more spam in console ^^
  9. Can you maybe extract it again and try? This is a separate function. Maybe another plugin could incorporate this. I'd like to keep hBG as free of unrelated things as possible. I think it's about this ^^ -Bossnia: MvP are not immune when the center flag is neutral. Error in console is : And the MvP name is not the same as MvP Sprite. For this it's just in mob_avail.txt -Guild Skill have no ACD These look like simple script issues, maybe someone could push a PR with fixes (if they are so generous). Or if in the future I find the time for it I will add it in. For console error, yes it's "easy" to fix it, maybe i can give you the line that i've add ? But for the after cast delay of guild skill i think it's in the hBG.c : line 3702: guild->block_skill(sd, skill->get_time2(*skill_id, *skill_lv)); It's special acd for guild skill, but i don't know how to fix it in the plugin ^^' And for monster immunity, it look like to be in hBG.c too : because in the script, the command script hBG_monster_immunity is correctly config.
  10. I find another think, when you take a Flag or a Stone, i see that you can use skill and normaly it's not possible. I find this : i don't know if you can add this in your plugin. i've add this in my emulator and it work nicely !
  11. Nice work, no more map crash. I have some other issue . -Rush: If a team break the Emperium, the other team may be warp to the therapist, no ? I think it's about this ^^ -Bossnia: MvP are not immune when the center flag is neutral. Error in console is : And the MvP name is not the same as MvP Sprite. For this it's just in mob_avail.txt -Guild Skill have no ACD
  12. Hi, i have some crash with map-server too when i hit barricades in Conquest and MvP in Bossnia.
  13. I just change line to the new syntax of recent hercule's version ^^ battlegroud.diff
  14. I've disable this line too and when i arrow shower on my traps, traps knockback normaly but i do damage on and sniper is not suppose to do damage on his traps. I've try another think when "nullpo_ret(bst);" is enable : -It's to put marine sphere card on my sniper, and when i cast magnum break on my traps i do damage on it, and it knockback normaly. So i don't know what is wrong.