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  1. Solved it. if (sd->npc_id > 0) return false;
  2. Hello, Could you please advise, how to disable @go command, when it used in NPC dialogue? If I put @go 0 as example to quick slot ALT+1, it shall TP char to prontera even if it's in a dialogue. I'd like to avoid that, cause many of my scripts were written without protections from such actions. I've found out, that @refresh has this restriction. In NPC dialogues @refresh just failed without any effect. Thanks in advance.
  3. Timokha


    Are there any updates on this plugin? It shows ZERO values.
  4. Hi all, Please advise on how to deactivate premium account. I have to set variable #VIP to 0 automatically, when the time expires. But I have no clue, how automatically in real time do that. // SCRIPT // ... set #VIP, 1; set #VIP_delay, gettimetick(2) + 60; // 1 min ... } When the time expires, the variable #VIP remain the same ( == 1 ). I use if (gettimetick(2) < #VIP_delay) to show player, if the premium is still active. But I have to set it to 0 to deactivate all benefits from Premium acc, otherwise it shall remain activated forever. ~ Highly appreciate your help.
  5. Hello, Thanks, Is there a way to hide only these messages "pinging sql server to keep connection alive site"? If I put "1" in console.conf it hides all INFO messages, including messages which I must receive.
  6. Hello, Many thanks for your job, Everything work fine and stable, but login/char/map servers show the following: [info] pinging sql server to keep connection alive site Twice per minute. Is it possible to swith these notes off? Or it might be some kind of error?
  7. Did anyone find a solution to change item name colors to black without changing the slots?
  8. That's was my misprint, but it changes nothing. Does not work, when I log in. Any ideas?
  9. Hi all, I'd like to add to my server achievement system that was presented in RO Mobile (Eternal Love). Ok, close to it ~ Sample: - Collect something (poring card and fabre card) get +1 str. - Pass through 25 level of ET get +5 to DEF. - Kill Drake get +1000 HP. Do you have any good idea on how it should looks like. I was thinking about below, but no effect in both cases. - script sample -1,{ end; OnPCLoginEvent: if(ACHIEVE_0001 = 1) { bonus bStr,100; or autobonus "{ bonus bAllStats,100; }",100,10000,BF_WEAPON|BF_MISC,"{ specialeffect2 EF_FIRESPLASHHIT; }"; } } Your assistance will be highly appreciated!~
  10. Thank you Racaae, highly appreciate your help!
  11. Hi all, I'd like to write the script, that will kill all monster (except for 2-3 IDs) with 2-3 cells area around NPC. Do anyone have idea how it should look like? I prepared loop event, but dont know how can I write auto-killing monster within this area.. Thank you.
  12. How to use these lines for skill_mob_db: 3254,[email protected],chase,666,5,10000,500,20000,no,self,myhpltmaxrate,80,,,,,,, 3254,[email protected],attack,666,5,10000,500,20000,no,self,myhpltmaxrate,80,,,,,,, 3254,[email protected]_WIDESOULDRAIN,attack,680,7,1000,500,5000,no,self,myhpltmaxrate,50,,,,,,42, if my db looks like: SCORPION: { NPC_FIREATTACK: { SkillState: "MSS_BERSERK" SkillLevel: 1 Rate: 2000 Delay: 5000 Cancelable: true SkillTarget: "MST_TARGET" CastCondition: "MSC_ALWAYS" }
  13. Hi, Do you have any idea, how can I fix item? Highly appreciate your reply.
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