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  1. Make use of the function getd
  2. I am sorry to hear that you two had a disagreement. Please refrain from flaming each other. Perhaps it is best if you both went your separate ways and left it at that.
  3. This is some absolutely amazing work! Very impressive!
  4. Please refrain from posting in languages other than English outside of the International Communities section as per the forum guidelines. This forum is English only. The Portuguese section can be found here:
  5. View the syntax of consolemes() here:
  6. Debugmes has been deprecated. Use consolemes() instead.
  7. Please use the search function prior to posting new topics in the future.
  8. Ternary syntax is condition ? True value : false value [email protected] = (getequipid(3) == 13414 ? 1 : 0) + (getequipid(4) == 13414 ? 1 : 0);
  9. I would potentially be willing to help you, but this request remains unclear and lacking in detail. The poor translation coupled with limited information makes it impossible to assist you. Please try to provide clear details of what exactly you want. If you are unable to do so in English, consider using one of our international forums found here.
  10. ^This. Also, you have made several requests on the forums recently. It would be nice to see you attempt to start learning how to do these things for yourself. The purpose of this forum is not to do everything for you. The additions you requested are quite simple, and there are examples of how to do exactly what you have requested throughout the Hercules repository and forums. Use these resources to get started: doc/script_commands.txt Look through scripts several scripts found in the repository or custom scripts you have collected. Read them line by line. If you don’t know what a specific line does, look up its functionality in doc/script_commands.txt. Once you have begun to make your own attempt, if you need assistance, I will be happy to help you.
  11. Check this setting option in conf/map/battle/items.conf Option 3 will unequip disabled items/cards on joining the map with the mapflag. This will change the behavior for any time a player enters any map with disabled items server wide.