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  1. Resolved on Discord. Use changelook script command as demonstrated in the quest_shop NPC in npc/custom/quest_shop.txt
  2. Woot! Digests are back! Thanks for the update Ridley. Thanks to all the contributors as well!
  3. Euphy’s Warper has pre-RE and RE settings and also supports last warp. It is located in Hercules: /npc/custom/warper.txt You can edit it to allow certain warps based on which episode you are currently based on.
  4. Thanks for trying to help the OP. However, this script isn’t written correctly. The OnInit label inherently does not have an attached RID, using detachrid() is pointless. You then use a for loop without any defined action: syntax for(index set; condition; increment) { action } Note that you are missing the action portion of the for loop. The OnPCLoginEvent label inherently DOES have an RID attached (namely, the player that just logged in). There is no need to use attachrid here. If you were to fix all of the issues I listed above, your script would distribute the items to all accounts as you have not implemented any check to ensure the account ID is within the specified range described by the OP.
  5. Glad to see some community news being posted and some new updates being brought to the Hercules forums! Dark theme ftw!
  6. Luciar

    Function Survival

    None of this script makes any sense. As you were told by me and many other people on the Hercules Discord, you need to learn the basics of NPC scripting.
  7. What "credit" are you trying to exchange?
  8. The script provided in Hercules looks fine. Did you reload scripts or restart your server after adjusting the .faileddestroy variable? Make sure you are running a recent version of Hercules. Although the script_command doc has not been updated to include failedremovecards's second argument being set to 3, it is defined in source as /// Removes all cards from the item found in the specified equipment slot of the invoking character. /// failedremovecards(<slot>, <type>); /// <type>=0 : will destroy both the item and the cards. /// <type>=1 : will keep the item, but destroy the cards. /// <type>=2 : will keep the cards, but destroy the item. /// <type>=3 : will just display the failure effect.
  9. Awesome, thank you for such a useful resource!