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  1. there's a few different ways: [email protected] = charat("Test3", 4); sscanf("Test3", "Test%d", [email protected]); [email protected] = substr("Test3", 4, 4); pcre_match("Test3", "^[^0-9]*([0-9]+)$"); [email protected] = [email protected]$[1];
  2. map server by itself does not auto-restart, what you are using is a wrapper script (map-server.bat) if you do not want it to restart you should use map-server.exe directly or make your own wrapper script
  3. You do know screenshots are a thing, right? and for text you can use a paste service... Anyway, you'll want to install libmariadb-client-lgpl-dev (on older Ubuntu versions you might also need libmariadbclient-dev-compat) or libmysqlclient-dev
  4. if you want double quotes to be part of a string you have to escape them "foo \"bar\" baz"
  5. the errors here are quite explicit: you are using variables that are not declared (ep, char_id); you will have to declare them in the parameters of the function or inside the function before they can be used
  6. This is a bug and is fixed in This patch should land in the next release but meanwhile you can manually apply it
  7. Thank you! Hercules would like to thank everyone who contributed for hukktoberfest 2018 linton-dawson (newcomer) (first-time contributor) akshat157 (newcomer) (first-time contributor) @Emistry (staff) @KirieZ @Dastgir (staff) IpshitaC (newcomer) (first-time contributor) @Asheraf (staff) @Kubix (first-time contributor) @Habilis (first-time contributor) 🦄 shouxian92 (first-time contributor) jvastbinder (first-time contributor) @4144 (staff) @Myriad j-chad (newcomer) (first-time contributor) MohanSha (newcomer) (first-time contributor) BinaryCrochet (newcomer) (first-time contributor) @kisuka (staff) 🐺 VictoriaLa (newcomer) (first-time contributor) List of pull requests: We hope to see you again next year! ✨🎉
  8. Just run it natively on windows: Otherwise, you might want to consider WSL
  9. It's the last week of Hacktoberfest! If you’ve already completed 5 or more pull requests, you’ll be hearing from DigitalOcean via email soon for them to collect your address and t-shirt size. If you’re still working on reaching your goal, keep in mind that you may contribute to any project on GitHub, not just Hercules. (yes, even rAthena) Click here to find issues labeled "Hacktoberfest" on GitHub. Hacktoberfest values: Everyone is welcome! – This program welcomes everyone already in the open source software community, and anyone who is interested in diving in. Quantity is fun, Quality is key – Participating leads to personal growth, professional opportunities, and community building. It all starts with meaningful contributions. Short term action, long term impact – We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Your participation has a lasting effect long after October. Happy hukking 🎃
  10. you'll want to look into the item options system:
  11. @Rebel thanks for the second bug report! I have updated the pull request
  12. @Rebel this should fix your crash:
  13. wow that's quite awkward then; we should definitely get rid of it I'll open a PR to remove useless usages of getd
  14. meko


    sorry, we do not provide support for rAthena, however the following should work: [email protected]_id = monster("prontera", 150, 150, "Poring", PORING, 1); setunitdata([email protected]_id, UDT_MAXHP, 100000); setunitdata([email protected]_id, UDT_HP, 100000); Also keep in mind that mob events are called upon death, not summon
  15. @Darius Trevor This is fixed in but please use constants directly instead of using getd
  16. ARCH_MERC_GUILD, SPEAR_MERC_GUILD and SWORD_MERC_GUILD are hardcoded constants, so you cannot use them as variable Instead of doing something like this to get their values: setarray([email protected]$, "SPEAR_MERC_GUILD", "SWORD_MERC_GUILD", "ARCH_MERC_GUILD"); ... getd([email protected]$[1]) Just use the plain constants: setarray([email protected], SPEAR_MERC_GUILD, SWORD_MERC_GUILD, ARCH_MERC_GUILD); ... [email protected][1]
  17. meko


    setunitdata() was added in April 2017, so if you have a recent version of Hercules you should already have it. You can find the documentation in doc/script_commands.txt
  18. Since Hercules now uses LGTM, If you fix code quality issues during the month of October, Semmle (the company behind LGTM) will donate $3 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect endangered species for every point you obtain. You can also win nice prizes, such as a free ticket to GitHub Universe 2018 (including travel and accommodation), a Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV camera drone, or a Raspberry PI 3 B+ Starter Kit development board. Points will only be awarded for fixes that reach the main branch of a project’s repository (i.e. for Pull Requests that are merged), and will be awarded as follows: 1 point per recommendation, 3 points per warning, and 5 points per error fixed. Since Hercules has automatic code review enabled, then points awarded for fixes will be 3x the normal amount. This means 3 points, 9 points, and 15 points. So for example, if a participant fixes 3 errors, they will be awarded 45 points ((3 * 5) * 3), and Semmle will donate $135 to WWF. >>>> Register on
  19. @MikZ this PR should fix your issue:
  20. @MikZ yes, nevermind, it seems this function is actually called from pc.c when a player spends or obtains zeny. I'll submit a patch shortly
  21. this script does not use queuesize() so it cannot trigger this warning, this means your issue is in another script, not this one
  22. db/(pre-)re/achiemement_db.conf
  23. 'amount ! =0! in function 'achievement_validate_zeny this is pretty explicit, it means you put a zeny achievement in the achievement db with Goal: 0, which is invalid, because players cannot spend -0 or gain +0 zeny
  24. I have made a script to automatically set up the sql connection on new Hercules installations. The script does the following: Installs Chocolatey (for easy installation and upgrading of MariaDB) Installs the latest MariaDB version from Chocolatey Resets the root password for MariaDB, and adds a Hercules user Creates a Hercules database and imports the main.sql file Updates the configuration files so that Hercules uses the new database You can download the script here: Save the file as mariadb.bat, at the root of your Hercules folder Right-click on the file and do "Run as administrator" Follow the on-screen prompts