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  1. help me to figure this out please i add str and doesnt add any damage
  2. Need help with Wanhosting please pm me its really urgent

  3. i`ve been looking around alr bro and i cant find it
  4. hey guys would you guys tell me how to make healer with identify all? thanks
  5. hey guys i`m kinda need freebies per ip or per account please help me thanks
  6. hey bro can you give me your discord or skype i want to use your service


  7. can someone help me with this? :'( i really dont understand :'(
  8. Please just finish my forum and my website bro dont like this please! I`M WAITING 1 MONTH FOR YOU TO FINISH THE FORUM AND THE WEBSITE! PLEASE BRO!
  9. hey i want to use your service bro

  10. Guys i`ve been thinking i want to move my rathena to Herc.ws but the problem is can i move the sql some of the data to herc? its like achievement,title and the player data base since i`m quite new to herc.ws please help me thanks
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