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  1. My BG stopped rewarding with badges, now it only counts the ranking points, I have looked at everything else in the same way. @Dastgir
  2. @4144 @AnnieRuru any predictions or how can we include manually?
  3. I am facing a small problem. These two skills are limited to 2 shots in a row. wanted to know how to remove this. ps: I use gepard, I also don't know if it's some kind of protection.
  4. Psyz

    Damage in Devotion

    But in this case it’s not about reflecting the damage, the more I’ll test
  5. I have the following problem. let's put the situation in stages Player X is in the redemption of Player Y. Player X is equipped with Gr and raydric. When player X takes a hit from player Z, paladin Y takes 400k damage. But when player X takes the blue from player Z, out of devotion, he takes 700k damage. In short, is my devotion reducing the damage? Or did I miss some configuration?
  6. Would we have how to put KVM in this script? I thought it was beautiful.
  7. The configuration of the machine they choose or can we feel free to assemble the cloud?
  8. In my point of view, the best linux OS to use is ubuntu, as being more simplified, plus centOS is already lighter, requires a little more knowledge.
  9. I did not perform any editing in the database. the tables are also those of Hercules himself. these characters are from the portuguese language (Brazil) in this case are accents (é, ão, você)
  10. [SQL]: DB error - Incorrect string value: '\xE1' for column 'message' at row 1 [Debug]: at log.c:422 - INSERT DELAYED INTO `chatlog` (`time`, `type`, `type_id`, `src_charid`, `src_accountid`, `src_map`, `src_map_x`, `src_map_y`, `dst_charname`, `message`) VALUES (NOW(), 'O', '0', '165109', '2000000', 'prontera', '100', '178', ?, ?) I'm getting sql error, I already changed the encoding in the table to accept more than 4bits, but it still persists
  11. Psyz

    Crash map-server

    the problem was related to storage package
  12. Psyz

    Crash map-server

    in fact I didn’t ignore it, my emulator didn’t ask, I use a “custom” version made by me, I believe I missed it. thank you very much
  13. Psyz

    Crash map-server

    I'm constantly receiving this alert and my map is falling without any kind of warning, so I can't identify the problem itself to fix, can someone help me? : DB error - Incorrect table name '' [Debug]: at npc.c:1669 - SELECT `name`, `itemId`, `amount`, `priceId`, `priceAmount` FROM ``
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