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  1. @Dastgir Can you explain how to configure?
  2. @Dastgir Would there be more than one type of emblem per reward per match? Example, instead of winning only from war, do you win the 3 types, war, valor and bravery?
  3. Sorry, I forgot. This spoiler shows how the happy hour issue works on the eamod source. And I also asked about the Glorious Weapons Shop, whether they already have them with badges or not.
  4. trocar armas gloriosas por distintivos? O sistema de happy hour pode colocar ou será colocado na fonte ou npc? Um ótimo roteiro já grato! Como se estivesse definido no eamod (common.txt):
  5. It works like this. BG happens constantly. Except at time x, for example 10:00 pm, it goes from 20% or 30% more badges.
  6. @Dastgir Is it possible to have happy hour inside the script?
  7. good initiative, but it would be much better if it were a tutorial referring to linux and not windowns, I see many "Administrators" who know nothing about unix and do cool servers but the server does not keep because adm does not understand linux or programming .
  8. remove sword icon on the traps on GvG map. In the other maps as pvp the traps do not stay with this icon when directed the mouse. Just show me the way. I've already made changes to the emulator plus crash
  9. This modification was made in the rA, but you can adapt to Herc. @Haru ,CARTTERMINATION should not be reflected by cards nor using REFLECT SHIELD, this has long been configured to reflect by cards, pass this to the development manager.
  10. Psyz

    max id at 30k

    Oops perfect then, thank you!
  11. I'm starting a project on top of Hercules, but Kro is advancing a lot in the IDs of the items, so Hercules does not open spaces to customize the items. And we know that Hercules is far superior to rA in terms of performance. So does the emulator already support IDs above 30k? If not, do you already have some stable customization?
  12. Yes Yes, he was only a little worried because he is accused of losing memory allocation
  13. Same error, more so far no problem regarding the operation of the plugin.
  14. Eu pessoalmente tenho o seguinte problema. Meu hexed não está lendo nenhum equipamento da cabeça do ragnarok, como o capacete angélico. Tudo está correto, o erro está relacionado com o sprite, diz que o sprite está faltando. Eu tive o mesmo erro quando eu estava adicionado aos padrões e era apenas o ID máximo de hexadecimal que não estava em 6000. Meu hexed é o 2014-10-22b
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