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  1. Hello guys, I tried following the guide on Herc wiki and also I tried following what was suggested in this topic but I can't successfully add a custom map. I purchased a hosting and I currently access it via WINSCP. I wanna know how to properly do the mapcache part since I used to just follow this guide. Can someone please help me?
  2. Hello, I added custom items for my server. For my latest addition the item sprites were appearing but it's displaying the incorrect ones and then a majority of them didn't show any sprite. I can see the item and I can drop it (with drop sprite). But when I wear the items, it's just wrong. Currently, my items' View IDs are around 2170~. I made sure the sprites are in the correct folder in my grf and my script in itemdb seems fine. Can someone please help me? Example of my item. itemdb iteminfo.lub (I'm using 2015 client).
  3. I'm looking at getitembound and I noticed that we can make items party/guild bounded. What happens if I get an item that is party or guild bound and I leave the party/guild? Will the item disappear or will I just not be able to trade it afterwards? Thanks to whoever can answer my silly question.
  4. Just like the title says, is it possible to enable official instances from renewal (eg. Old GH, Buwaya, etc.) in my pre-renewal server? If it's possible, anyone can teach me how to do so? I would really appreciate it.
  5. Pano mag setup ng proxy server? Tsaka meron akong eAmod gusto ko malaman pano gamitin ung certain features lang sa herc server ko.