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  1. Hi guys I found Anieruru's dota2pvp ladder but when you talk to the NPC nothing happens. Anyone got a fixed version? I appreciate any help.
  2. im using 2015-11-04 client. i try to use that pull thing hope it works ty
  3. hi guys i try to use @changesex command and it has message saying "Disconnecting to perform change-sex request." then I get dc but my sex doesn't change. I do not have bard or dancer in my account so it's something different causing this problem. can anyone pls help? thanks you.
  4. Can help me add nodispell effect command so I can add it to items? rAthena have it just wondering if it possible in hercules. ty in adv.
  5. i search rathena and hercules forum and i think high ping = better shadow jump. so i think this cannot be fix ty all who reply.
  6. Really need help with this guys. It's literally the only skill that somehow has delay even tho I have 0 delay on skill.conf and 0 cd delay for hiding and shadow jump. I also notice the other 255/120 server I play on who has herc emulator has this delay.
  7. I have exact same problem like this. But what happen is shadow jump has 1 sec delay. My server is pre renewal and max level is 255/120. Max attackspeed 197. 0 overall delay on skill.conf. It is not local host. I can use all skill fine it is just shadow jump for some reason. I am talking about hiding + shadow jump combo in case u wondering. My skill_db.conf below. Id: 529 Name: "NJ_SHADOWJUMP" Description: "Shadow Leap" MaxLevel: 5 Range: { Lv1: 7 Lv2: 9 Lv3: 11 Lv4: 13 Lv5: 15 Lv6: 17 Lv7: 19 Lv8: 21 Lv9: 23 Lv10: 25 } Hit: "BDT_SKILL" SkillType: { Place: true } SkillInfo: { AllowReproduce: true } DamageType: { NoDamage: true } AfterCastActDelay: 0 CoolDown: 0 Requirements: { SPCost: 10 State: "Hiding" } Also hiding skill db Id: 51 Name: "TF_HIDING" Description: "Hiding" MaxLevel: 10 Range: 1 Hit: "BDT_SKILL" SkillType: { Self: true } DamageType: { NoDamage: true } SkillData1: { Lv1: 30000 Lv2: 60000 Lv3: 90000 Lv4: 120000 Lv5: 150000 Lv6: 180000 Lv7: 210000 Lv8: 240000 Lv9: 270000 Lv10: 300000 } CoolDown: 0 Requirements: { SPCost: 10 } Anyone can help with this plz? ty in advance
  8. I tried that but it's giving me error when I recompile and I can still hatred emp.
  9. tyvm that fix the hatred command. now anyone know how to disable it to emperium, barricade, guardian stone (or at least just emperium)?
  10. Hello guys I tried copying this post. I also made it as close as the current coding (copied feelings then modified it to make sure it's the current coding syntax). I also added the 1552 entry to conf/messages.conf but when I type @hatereset in my server nothing happens and the message that appears is "??". Here are my current codes. src/map/atcommand.c /*========================================== * Feel (SG save map) Reset [HiddenDragon] *------------------------------------------*/ ACMD(feelreset) { pc->resetfeel(sd); clif->message(fd, msg_fd(fd,1324)); // Reset 'Feeling' maps. return true; } ACMD(hatereset) { pc->resethate(sd); clif->message(fd, msg_fd(fd,1552)); return true; } conf/message.conf 1552: Reset Hatred. src/map/pc.c /*========================================== * /resetfeel [Komurka] *------------------------------------------*/ static int pc_resetfeel(struct map_session_data *sd) { int i; nullpo_ret(sd); for (i=0; i<MAX_PC_FEELHATE; i++) { sd->feel_map[i].m = -1; sd->feel_map[i].index = 0; pc_setglobalreg(sd,script->add_variable(pc->sg_info[i].feel_var),0); } return 0; } static int pc_resethate(struct map_session_data *sd) { int i; nullpo_ret(sd); for (i = 0; i < MAX_PC_FEELHATE; i++) { sd->hate_mob[i] = -1; pc_setglobalreg(sd,script->add_variable(pc->sg_info[i].hate_var),0); } return 0; } Anyone can help me fix this? This is what I get after typing @hatereset. Also how do I disable Hatred to emperium?
  11. Thanks u for the replies. I will try them all later and tells you guys if it work.
  12. Hey guys I just want to ask how to make more luk = less time you're affected by statuses and also 300 luk = immune to all status? I tried googling and the threads I found so far didn't fix my problem. I tried these but no luck. Might be due to these threads being 2+ years old.
  13. Just wanted to post here about my experience with Happy. He's very professional and does the work in a timely manner. He also helps with questions and is very approachable. Would recommend his service.
  14. Found out it might be host related. I hosted the server trunk locally and I can use skills fine. Will be renting a host to see if I can get the same results as I do on local server.