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  1. COME JOIN US NOW ! Classic!!! Calling out all Classic Players out there !! Freebies for new players Guild Package for Guilds and members Custom HG Quests Custom Training Ground and Quest And More! Rates Base lvl: 5x Job lvl: 5x Drop: 7x Card / Item Equipement Drop: 7x MVP Item / Equipement Drop: 3x MVP Card Drop: 1x Quest: 3x Protection Gepard 3.0 DDOS Protection Proxy Asia More will be added when the community requires it Vending Town Prontera Stats Max Stats: 99 Max Attack Speed: 190 Instant Cast: 150 Dex Custom Commands @arealoot @noks @autotrade @whobuy @whosell @mi @ii @whodrops @whereis @showzeny @showexp @langtype @uptime @refresh Custom Automated Events PVP Deathmatch Event Manager use @events to see the list which also show at which time they'll occur. [1] = Dices. [2] = Find the Porings. [3] = Escape from the Bombrings. [4] = Guess the Monster. [5] = Pick the candy. [6] = Devil Square. [7] = Cluckers. Wheel of Fortune - Test your luck and Gamble for items. - Available every sunday in the Black Market Custom Features Daily Reward Hourly Reward [1] Gives 1 Poring Coin every hour, and on every 3rd hour you get 5 PC extra Aspect Novice Ground Custom NPCs Town Warper Stylist - Quest required for both cloth & hair color change. 50k zeny for new hair style Event Currency Shop Brave Hunter - Leads you to the Hunting Association which is where you can find all the Bounty boards available. Redeem Donation - Redeems and exchanges your Donation credits into Cash Points to aquire Costumes Cash Shop - Here you can aquire the Costumes, which are obtainable via Cash Points Aspect Novice Ground - A little help for new players to get some boost (3-D glasses costume included) Freebies NPC - Give basic novice items at the start of your adventure + 1x Field Manual: 50% more exp for 30 mins Black Market - Only open on Sunday. There you can use the resetter which allow one free reset per players * Resetter: 2,000,000z Stats, 2,000,000z Skills & 3,000,000z both Custom Quests Bounty Boards Coupon Girl - This quest is to obtain Aspect Dye Coupon which 1x is required to be able to change cloth or hair color. Novice Ground Quest Aspect Headgears Quests - Full list ----­> Forums
  2. Hello Im starting a new server and i'm looking for a developer. pls pm me if you are interested Skills All work serverside related It's a permanent job and can be paid in the future. I want to get as close to iRO as possible but with higher rates and custom twists ingame. gr
  3. Looking for a Dev "Again". ( running Eamod/rAmod ) Anyone interested please PM me ! Thnx
  4. i have found a Dev thanks for the responds !
  5. Tell me what you need... or give me your facebook . Then we can talk.Pls keep in mind im from the netherlands ... maybe time zones
  6. Hello all im looking for a developer for my server, theres allready done allot to the server yet the DOTS have to be placed, if you know what i mean The base is just a server who everyone enjoys ( high rate tho ). Easy quests ( not to easy but lasting ), Automated Events ( i will hire a GM later ), lot of fun games. Ballanced Donations items and ingame items. ( i own a huge batch of customs ) For every job a hole Set ( weapons and wearables ) Also i want to make use of the Quest Window ingame. Can you help me out ? yes ? Please contact me to go over the details Hope to hear from you soon ! ---EDIT INFO --- [ Centerline Ragnarok Online ] [ Leveling + Quest Server] We are a free-forever server since Centerline-RO owns a High-End Host Runned and Maintained by the Server Owners. Yes, We dont host on any Ragnarok Hosting Provider. Therefore, We guarantee you that the Server Won't be closed unless we decided to. There will be NO SPOON FEEDING / BIAS In Relation with the Players. Open Beta Phase: March 16 2014 [ No Wipe-out ] Server Information: International Server! [speaking English at the Main Town is Necessary] Balanced Transcended Server! Runned by Professional Staff Team 3000/1600/50% [base Exp / Job Exp and Item Drop] Max Level: 255/120 [base and Job Level] Card Drop Rates: 75%/10%/10% [Normal / Boss and Mini Boss] Maya Purple Card Drop Rate: 3% [intravision] Thanatos Card Drop Rate: 1% Lhz Cards Drop Rate: 1% Freebies System Guild Package System No 100% Anti-Frozen Armor! We are loaded with Eye-Friendly Custom Items! Farm Zone System! Cash Shop Window System Balanced and Cheap Donation System Easy Quests! In-Game Rankings [Guild, Breaker, PVP and MVP] Fun and Exciting Automated Events! Daily Events Hosted by the Staff Team! Unique In-Game Twist/Systems Easy-Accessible NPCs
  7. i tried making a custom patch but it didnt work .... the players only get the error with lite client... so frustrating any ideas ? thnx Then the solution is into the difference between lite and full client. Just remind what you did (while packing your lite client archive) ... GRFs are the same for both? EXE is the same for both? EXE got the same patches/DIFFs for both? Outdated DATA.INI for the lite client? Did you modified some file into your System folder and have forget an update for the lite client? Full client is reading the sprite properly and allows players to play without problems. Just spot the difference between your lite client and your full client. Else ... make a new lite client. Take custom GRFs, EXE, System folder, DATA.INI, Data folder from your Full client and make an archive (7z, WinZip/WinRar) that will become your new Lite client. Player will have to download the new source and install it into a fresh RO folder, but at least they should be able to play without problems. Thank you for your reply. The only thing i did was this : Take the full client --> take out , data.grf , rdata.grf, palette.grf, bgm folder. Then whats left , i packed into rar and distribute. Then the error come, but what i also noticed, is that when i download fresh KRO from nickyzai, and dont update i get the error. When i update it's gone .... so my guess is that the players are to darn lazy to update, or they just don't get it ?? Thnx again,
  8. i tried making a custom patch but it didnt work .... the players only get the error with lite client... so frustrating any ideas ? thnx