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  1. @AnnieRuru I tried to work with more unsuccessful consumables where am i going wrong? Item: { Id: 32247 AegisName: "Dark_Elf_Potion" Name: "Dark Elf Potion" Type: "IT_USABLE" Weight: 100 BuyingStore: true Trade: { nodrop: true noselltonpc: true nomail: true noauction: true } Script: <" callfunc "Dark_Elf"; "> }, Function: function script Dark_Elf { @a ^= 1; recalculatestat(); // if player under a dialog, MUST use close2; then only recalculate OnPCStatCalcEvent: if ( @a ) bonus bDex, 10; bonus bInt, 20; bonus bAgi, 5; bonus bMatk, 100; end; }
  2. Mihael


    Nice plugin annie ❤️
  3. Remove this. else { struct packet_reqnameall_ack packet = { 0 }; packet.packet_id = reqName; packet.gid = md->bl.id; memcpy( packet.name, md->name, NAME_LENGTH ); clif->send( &packet, sizeof(struct packet_reqname_ack), *bl, AREA ); hookStop(); return; } and recompile you emulator.
  4. Mihael


    This command don't work.
  5. Isso ai acontece por que você configurou o level máximo do servidor de modo errado no arquivo de exp da db. Dê uma revisada lá.
  6. I think you would have to do a script out, which checks if the player was using your equipment to apply the buff. if you apply the buff only inside the script of the equipment, it will only work when the player equips the item.
  7. oh my bad, I did not know hahahaha. srry
  8. O Hercules não suporta essa feature ainda, somente o rAthena a partir da Release #3548.
  9. Do you want to give the buff whenever the player level? or permanently after level 80?
  10. Great work, congratulations! In the future you plan to add support for vote4points and donations by paypal?
  11. I just found the solution: Uncomment: //"HPMHooking", in plugin.conf my bad... you plugin is perfect!! Not bugs. ❤️
  12. Flavius - Stone Control can be fakeguild, red team guild / blue team guild...I do not see the guild name when I enter bg.
  13. Hi... ty its woks now. @edit appeared this error when entering the BG In this line:
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