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  1. Hello. Does anyone has a VIP BUFFER script? I want it to gives +6 all stats food, 40 atk & m.atk, and +100% EXP & JOB EXP for 5 hours. Thank you.
  2. Hello.I'm having a lot of trouble with Color Palettes in my server.I have 84 hair styles that work fine, but my Cloth Collors does not work at allThe client crash everytime that i change the color os my clothes, there are just 4 collors that work.The error says that the client does not find a file, with a name that has a lot of strange simbols... But the name os my pallets are in korean.I have downloaded a tool named "unbollox", that converts koren into this strange simbols... But when i use the "grf builder", to make my grf file, it converts to korean againI dont know what to do... Here is a picture os my error and files.
  3. Thak you a lot my friend, it is fine
  4. Hi.Does anyone have a Warper Script that takes zeny from the player for each warp?I also want to configure individual prices por each diferent warp, like "payon dungeon - 1000zeny" and "odin temple - 90000zeny"Thank you.
  5. Hello. I want to create a item in my Database, that can be equiped only by Doram Race. But i just don't kwon what do i have to put in "equip_jobs", since my database does not have any Doram Item yet, so i can not just copy it. Does anyone has any clue about that? Thank you a lot
  6. Hello, i want to know in which episode we are on Hercules right now. What are the last released instances here? Do we have Rebellion and Doram working? Thank you so much
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