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  1. Hello. I know that much time has passed, but for now i'm getting back on the client. Soon aesir.perfontain.ru will be shut down, so, please, stay tuned on aesir.perfontain.cc Thanks for your support ! @banhelba2019For sure, any type of effect you can implement.
  2. Hello all ! Thanks for your support, it means very much to me There's a new release with some important game features like dealing between players. Get it here http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/26-builds/ Also i have to notice that info about new releases will no longer be published to this forum, so stay in touch at the project's forum. Thank you all.
  3. Hi all ! Beta v0.4.0 is here ! http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/23-beta-v040/ Key change is a new skin (special thanks to @Tyrfing ! Thanks for all of you guys for the support in this year, we made a big step, i promise, in 2018 Æsir will be made even cooler ! Happy new year !
  4. Hey guys. New skin is made and i'll publish it this week. Thanks for your support ! Happy new year ! Also i hope before new year i'll make another one beta with new functional.
  5. J'appelle au grand nombre ! Hey guys ! I badly need someone who can remake the korean skin so it will be added to our repository. https://cloud.acomirei.ru/s/6Y0T4jvdkvYEIRc Grab data.7z and find a «gui» folder inside it. Repaint all the images and contact with me, so we will be able to discuss it further. The only notice - main background color is white(area below pink color for example) and it won't be changed.
  6. É le voilà ! http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/22-æsir-open-sourced/
  7. Some more news : to avoid DMCA from Koreans, now i'm extracting « RO files format » -> « our custom files format » converter from the Æsir and after this will be done, i'll publish Æsir on github.
  8. Hi guys ! I have one extra news for you. This or next week the client will be open sourced, so everyone will be able to make it better ! Thank you for support.
  9. http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/20-beta-v035/ Also there's one new beta. Key change is fixed some bugs when loading RSM models, so now all the models on all the maps should be able to load. If not, please post their names from the log.
  10. v0.3.4 is here ! Viewing area enlarged so you can see all the map now. Use link in the first post to get it.
  11. Minor release. Contains some bugfixes. http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/19-beta-v034/
  12. New beta is here ! http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/18-beta-v033/ Key changes : performance improvements and Hercules support ! Btw to run Hercules you need to disable pincode in character server config.
  13. Hi all ! Now you can use render engine from Æsir game client to view maps. Just download it from there(use version >= v0.3.2) : https://cloud.acomirei.ru/s/khm08qmHJSVLEUy Extract it somewhere, put grfs near executable and edit their names in the aesir.json. Then click viewer.bat and it will show you the map. You can hide settings using F12. Render quality and antialiasing requires restart.
  14. New beta is out ! Now with character creation. http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/16-beta-v031/
  15. Hi guys ! Beta v0.3.0 is here ! Key feature is support of npc shops, yay ! More info http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/15-beta-v030/
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