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  1. Hello, When i make a right click on any costume item in my iventory, i have a "Wear costume" button under the item image, allowing item previsualisation on my character. This button is not showing when i make a right click on the same item in my cash shop window, despite the exact same item description window appearing. Left image : Right click on the baby penguin in my inventory Right image : Right click on the baby penguin in my cash shop window Do you know if there is a way to have this button appear everytime ?
  2. Hello, I tried to configure homunculus to reset their skill cooldown when vaporized. hom_setting : 0x7D should do the job, but does not change anything. Am i missing something else ? Does anybody had this problem recently (could not find any recent update on this problem). Thanks for your time, i'll continue to search
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