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  1. Thank you !!!! Can you tell me why pure pure KRO is much better? If i use a commercial euro client, i thought i would avoid translation and language problems? am i wrong?
  2. Hello. Im done with Server Setup. Now i want to test it. I have no ragnarok client yet. My question is ; 1. Can i download and install any up to date client (for example from here: http://www.ragnarokeurope.com/?lang=tr ) ? Or i need a pure KRO client or so on? 2. Can i patch any (2012,2013,2014,2015,2016..etc) ragexe file and replace it with the client's ragexe? Please help....
  3. Hello. Can we copy a 2014 Ragexe to this 2016 KRO Client and make it run? is it possible ?
  4. Thanks a lot Sir !!!! 1 more question please... I search for clients. But They are just ragexe (4-6 mb.) files. What will i do with that ragexe ? Patch ragexe and copy it to ANY ragnarok folder ? Or should it be a KRO Ragnarok Full Client ? For example : I have 2014-04-16aRagexe file (6,9 MB) . Then this means i need 20140416a Full Client Ragnarok installed (I cant find it :(( ) Or ANY ragnarok client from ANY server (2017) is ok? Thank you....
  5. Hello.... I setup my server on my pc. It was not easy....But now problems did not finish... I just try to install a client and connect my own server. I want a very classical RO (in fact anything is acceptable but older is better...) I just could not find answers to some questions.... Im sure these are really very easy to answer for some of you...please help.... 1) There are some links for clients (Ragexe). Why not full client? is it enough? What should i do with ragexe? copy it to ragnarok client folder? is it ok to copy a 2014 ragexe to 2015 client or vice versa? 2) What does Nemo Patcher exactly do? 3) What does diff mean? There are answers to many complicated questions. But I just couldnt find to these...
  6. Hello. Sorry for this very noob question. I did set hercules server on my pc. Now i want to test it. I decided to install 20141022 client. Dastgir 's post has a link to Ragexe file. But what will i do with that file? It does not run.... Should i download full Client? Then copy this ragexe to the client folder? or what.... i really have no idea..please help.... edit: The "full client" i will download should be a specific one? i mean does it have to be a "20141022 full client" or can it be "ANY" client ?
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