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  1. Heya, Ive upload the files here : http://uptobox.com/c7x3k7uay2hh From : https://github.com/ScDarko/ROChargenPHP
  2. Hi there ! I have finally manage to have a fresh RoCharGen files by myself. All work, cloth color, hair color, hairstyle. (even with my 33 hair color, and 84 hairstyle) Did you style have some trouble with the hair palettes ? I can give you the *.zip I used, if you wanna try.
  3. Your work is amazing, I wish you good luck for this adventure ! Awesome !
  4. I'm not a pro, but it seems that you dont have the summoner sprite in your *.grf / data folder. - I think you will have to update your officials *.grf. (probably the rdata.grf). - Check your data.ini too (you must have data.grf and rdata.grf on it)
  5. Thx a lot, I didn't know about that !
  6. Hello ! Sorry about my question (lol) but. Where in the conf is the option to enable rare drop announce ? I'm searching for it for one hour now xD Thanks a lot !
  7. Heya all !!!!Does someone still have the RochargenPHP files ? I really want to try this incredible tool, but cant get them from the Git Thx !! EDIT : "found!" PM me for the link if you want the files too.
  8. Hello ! I wonder where do you have found the ROCharGenPHP files ? All links Ive found are always down, im searching for this for weeks EDIT : "found!" PM me for the link if you want the files too.
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