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  1. Hello, still looking for someone that can make me GRF
  2. how much do you think? I'm willing to pay as long as the result is pleasing to the eye and the skills are simplified at best to greatly lessen the lag during woe with 200 players on the screen casting skills
  3. I just want to edit the existing map and change it to a simplified one just like the common grey map. also simplified skills
  4. I'm looking for someone who can make me this type of GREY MAP but still pleasing to the eyes.. a simplified map skin and simplified skills to avoid lag during woe and pvp. This is for personal use only. THIS IS GRF ONLY
  5. thank you so much for this it saves time and a lot of space.
  6. is there a working vote for points for flux herc?
  7. how do make that ROP? in mine it is free cash
  8. kerbiii

    how to check

    thank you for this i will try this and report back
  9. kerbiii

    how to check

    hello i just want to know how to make the npc check for: 1. guild level 2. # of online guild member
  10. how to add item requirements? bug: cost to load stats is not working suggestions: i think create a new stat/skill should not include stat/skill reset, and if possible remove next; on every chosen option and just go to selected option
  11. for item name change it on your system folder iteminfo.lub for monster i think you can change it on your mob_db
  12. im also experiencing this on Thor_Patcher[] when i press the start button nothing happens.. is this fixed on other version? i've experience it too with Thor_Pacther[]. but, mine works with version []. just u need to run the patcher as administrator. u should try on version how it does. i just updated to Thor_Patcher[] and everything works fine now /no1
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