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  1. I'm taking the Next Error I am aware that you have to create the Root user but I do not have to go to SHH to do such an act. I take this error in map, log, char I need to sort or use an old version. One person said that it has how to create the user in Phpmyadmin but I do not know how to make the accession process. If you can not fix it, if possible send me a Link with the previous Version of Hercules current to min download directly. Thank you
  2. My Host can not use the new Hercules or Current, the host only accepts an old version. Does anyone have the Download Link for some versions? Taking advantage of the leaves if someone has any of the rAthena I gladly accept PS: I already searched Google and did not find it Since I was warm
  3. How can I create PHPmyadmin? I can not access my SHH is giving error. And if you have, how can I explain myself step by step?
  4. Dude, I'm completely lost. I looked at the Link that you sent me and I did not understand much. Where do I start ? Can you explain me?
  5. I'm new to the area. Can you explain step by step how do I do this?
  6. When I connect my server to the host I make the following errors. I'm very lost, I ask for a more detailed explanation. Thanks for listening.