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  1. Good day! Please tell me. Added wings to the server everything is fine everything is working everything is displayed but it is not displayed correctly! How can this be fixed?
  2. ragnarok online 12.1 episode give me please!!!
  3. Hi all people! About the Adrenaline Rush skill. Can I make it immune to Dispel and Quagmire? If so, how?
  4. Dear inhabitants of the wonderful herc.ws forum, a huge request !!! I'm desperate ... I really need a full client iRO 2012-2013-2014 (but better 13-14), I can't find it for 2 weeks ... All links to such clients do not work ... that is, please give me a link !!! Thanks in advance!
  5. I do not know how to do that? Could you give a guide?
  6. Good day to all! I'll go straight to the problem. I put together a patch for the emulator to use sql tables and not just txt, I collected it back in 2017. It's 2020 and I've almost forgotten everything! When installing the patch to a new revision, the emulator gives compilation errors. Can you help me fix the patcher? herc_item_mob_sql.patch
  7. Hello! I ran into a problem ... I need this client but I can not download it! Asks for a username and password ... Does anyone have this torrent or this client? https://www.nickyzai.com/?p=kro
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