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  1. What do you mean by "fighting"? Sorry, My native language isn't english so I didn't understand very well. But yes I have read all of your code more than one time and I could understand it even if I didn't had time to test it. The function to put the ground skill is unitsetting(), right? What I didn't exactly get is where exactly did you manage to call the function so the visual effects stay the way it is in the pic. Like, 3x3 around the character. Also I was wondering if there is a way to call this function using a new effect, using a new skill as parameter or maybe just changing one existing skill sprite
  2. @lllaaazzz Thanks for all your help! It surely will help me alot. I'll start next week to look at everything about it, got a lot of stuff to do at this one. Can I pm you on rathena forum if I have any other problems? (or discord or whatever hahah)
  3. I have it saved, don't worry
  4. @lllaaazzz Thank you so much! I had no idea where to start. I don't have enough time now, but I will surely test all these functions I see what can be done. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hey! So I'm having problems with creating a ground skill (like Safety Wall or Fire Pillar). I wanted to create a skill that "puts" an object on the ground (like a BL_SKILL) and use some other object sprite or even a new one. But I don't know where to start since I can't figure out where is specified which sprite the ground skills are using and how should the BL_SKILLs behave, so I need some clues to start... Can anybody help? Thank you for the support
  6. oh! I dunno very well how BL_SKILL units works but I can look into it. thank you very much!
  7. Hey Everyone! Is there some way that I can creat, through a skill, an object on the ground (such as a trap or safetywall) and keep its X and Y values? Let's say I used a skill that puts a Safety Wall at bl->x, bl->y. Now I want to use ANOTHER skill that upgrades the Safety Wall that I placed, without targeting. That's possible if I keep the previous coordinates of the first skill, but how? Thank you for the support
  8. Hey everyone. I'm back just to post here the resolution of the problem mentioned in the beginning of the thread, just in case someone else has the same problem. So yeah character animations and stuff~ There's a lua file at data\luafiles514\lua files\skilleffectinfo\skilleffectinfolist.lua. There you can create a block related to the skill you want to edit. At the block, there are two nice functions you can use: beginMotionType and beginEffectID. beginMotionType is used to select what type of animation the character will make the moment the skill is being used. beginEffectID replaces the actual beginning special effect of the skill to the one you specify. There's a list of Actor State and Special Effects somewhere so you can choose. It's easy to find. So that's it I'm now trying to change the special effect of the target the moment it gets hit by the skill. If someone has any clues, please share <3
  9. Rotciv

    Duet Skill

    Hey! So I'm trying to make a custom Duet Skill (a skill that need two players), but I kinda need help because there's no skill like that in RO: Actually it's two skills (Let's call it A and B). When a player uses A, another player in party can use B as a combo. Basically Player1 uses A on a monster, then Player2 uses B e he targets automatically the monster previously targetted by Player1. So what I need is a way to know when Player1 used skill A, so I can enable player2's B. I also need a way to return Player1's target... Is there some way to do this? Thank you very much for the support <3
  10. OK there should be a "Requiriments" around WeaponTypes, my bad. Thank you for the support!
  11. OK one final question... I know you guys helped me a lot, I just don't wanna create anoother thread just to ask this... : So this is my skill at skill_db.conf and it's working all fine, but I skill manage to use it with other weapons rather than Daggers or 1Handed Swords (like 1handed axe). I tried removing the "NoWeapon" line, tried putting "1HAxes: false", but it didn't work. I still can use the skill using axes~~ What did I do wrong? This is my last question in this thread I promise lol
  12. I didn't understand at the first (and second) time I read what you said, i'm so sorry. I read it all over again now and everything made sense. So I went to skill.c and wrote: So now the new skill actually makes the character swing his sword, so that's awesome! Thank you so much. But now the skill is dealing double damage (the new skill's + Bash's) lmao I'll try to figure this out
  13. How? I searched for "sm_bash" in every single file from client, and I didn't find anything relevant that may affect the character animation
  14. okay I got it! turns out the syntax should be So it worked fine. BUT it was the special effect, and not the character animation :/ I'll try to explain better: On the bash animation, the character swings his sword (assuming he's using a sword) on the target. The character also shows a glowing effect (and sound). This glowing effect and sound is the special effect, I assume. What I want is the character animation, which is swing its sword towards the target. My new skill doesn't do that. It does make a Bash Special Effect (the glowing thing), but not the animation (swing the sword). It doesn't even show the sword.
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