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  1. É um bug do client jovem, clients mais novos estão assim, tente criar 4 chars ou mais, feche-o e abra novamente...
  2. WTF which's this client version? The Bank, BG and REC, you can use the Nemo from @4144 Choose the options:
  3. Hello @4144 no news about the patch: Remove Hourly Announce at client 2018.
  4. update your msgstringtable.txt Thanks!
  5. Firstly thank you very much for more one awesome release. But now I'm with a problem, "Read questid2display.txt" isn't working anymore.
  6. I'm using kRO and it's working perfectly here. (already had the sprites) But this can help someone...
  7. You're doing something wrong... This itemInfo is working perfectly here, and I'm using files from the Asheraf. Try update your kRO... Sorry, but I can't help you in this case, I really don't know.
  8. Try use this itemInfo.rar, here is working. And change iteminfo.lua to itemInfo.lua i = uppercase
  9. Oh I forgot that the Ash is using itemInfo_Sak.lub, could be this your problem... Change his itemInfo's name to itemInfo.lua and diff your client to read it. The itemInfo from zack is outdated, you can't use with new clients...
  10. Because new versions use the iteminfo with the new structure (8th argument). Try use the lua files (inside your data.grf or data folder) from the Ash, but I don't know if it'll work. I was getting this problem and I've solved using the iteminfo from the Ash.
  11. @OmarAcero The only solution is remove "Cancel to Login Window" when diff your client.
  12. You can't use the iteminfo from bRO, you need use that iteminfo from the Ash, because it has a new structure and the iteminfo from the bRO is outdated. The error "8th argment" is because you're trying to use an old iteminfo with an old structure. So try use the original iteminfo from the Ash and diff your client to read the System/itemInfo.lua and it should work.
  13. You need use this: https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation Diff your client to read custom lua instead lub, it's better,
  14. Good job @4144 I'll test when I have some free time. @Edit I've downloaded Nemo again, but I'm having this error (warning) in a cmd window: Using windows 10. I've changed the compatibility to Windows 7 to fix it, but even so, is taking too long to the Nemo opens.
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