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  1. Hello again Hercules and here i am again asking for your help. So without further ado lets jump now on to the problem I'm currently a new hercules member and I'm trying to grasp the things here in herc and then all of a sudden i stumbled upon on these problems when compiling. Does anyone know how can i fix these errors on MSVC 2017. Below is the screenshot of the problem. TYVM guys! I have windows10SDK, windows8.1SDK and CRT something i forgot the name of it (forgive me hahaha)
  2. @AnnieRuru Sorry forgot to mention that, i am using Windows. also @AnnieRuru last question, I am using MSVC 2017 should i use Hercules-15.sln instead of 14 which the guide has written? tyvm
  3. Hello Hercules forgive me for a truly noob question but is it possible for you guys to teach me how to use a plugin like for example Haru's naviluagenerator? i don't have any experience on how to use a plugin since i'm new to hercules. Any help will be much appreciated and thank you very much in advance.
  4. @AnnieRuru can i have these old blacksmith files also? thanks in advance.