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  1. x13th

    FluxCP Help

    flux\lang\en_us.php and it's configure here flux\themes\default\account\create.php
  2. x13th

    Disguise bug.

    Bumping this. Still having the issue and my server files is up to date.
  3. Unfortunately it's just initial released by rAthena. No Alt + G. Only additional stats and emblem
  4. Yeah. Me too love Hercules thats why i didnt switch to rAthena. Finally I converted it to Herc. I want to share it but we have rules we cant share if we're not the author.
  5. Yep, that's how I fixed it.
  6. I'm trying to convert rAthena Clan system to Herc and now after compiling no error shows up until when i run the server the char server stopped. I'm using windows btw. I found what causing it but dont know why. If I add inter_clan->sql_init(); to int inter_init_sql(const char *file) the char server will stopped working so here's the whole code int inter_init_sql(const char *file) { inter->config_read(file, false); //DB connection initialized inter->sql_handle = SQL->Malloc(); ShowInfo("Connect Character DB server.... (Character Server)\n"); if( SQL_ERROR == SQL->Connect(inter->sql_handle, char_server_id, char_server_pw, char_server_ip, (uint16)char_server_port, char_server_db) ) { Sql_ShowDebug(inter->sql_handle); SQL->Free(inter->sql_handle); exit(EXIT_FAILURE); } if( *default_codepage ) { if( SQL_ERROR == SQL->SetEncoding(inter->sql_handle, default_codepage) ) Sql_ShowDebug(inter->sql_handle); } wis_db = idb_alloc(DB_OPT_RELEASE_DATA); inter_guild->sql_init(); inter_storage->sql_init(); inter_party->sql_init(); inter_pet->sql_init(); inter_homunculus->sql_init(); inter_mercenary->sql_init(); inter_elemental->sql_init(); inter_mail->sql_init(); inter_auction->sql_init(); inter_clan->sql_init(); geoip->init(); inter->msg_config_read("conf/messages.conf", false); return 0; } here's my int_clan.c http://upaste.me/97313640759e978d3 and my int_clan.h http://upaste.me/f64c36408e18094f3
  7. If you're going in OVH, can you tell me whats the preferred package?
  8. I guess he's just confused between Doram race and Summoner class.
  9. x13th


    What client date are you using?
  10. What client date are you using?
  11. Yea me too, i remember playing this in an old model phone. Cool game
  12. Visit this site http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ if you're looking for better hosting don't pick those ragnarok hosting because most of them are just reseller.
  13. put "end;" below skilleffect prontera.gat,150,170,4 script Full Chem 4_DOG01,{ skilleffect 479,0; sc_start SC_FULLPROTECTION,360000,5; end; }
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