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  1. Really nice! was the homunculus / target bug fixed yet?
  2. Oh thats a shame...Me and others would have loved to buy it or support the project. I think it is/was a great addition to the client (that is so limited in many ways for us to customize). Heres hoping it will come back to life one day..
  3. Is this project still alive ?
  4. Its cool stuff. I definitely wish for this to be completed to the point where it is as usable as hercules or rA. I do think herc or rA are poorly handled and a lot of the code is a hot mess where most developers dont know where is what anymore. There are also a lot of restrictions on server side, which is a shame. I do hope you can solve all of those and make a great Server Emulation Software, I would definitely be in on this if I knew C in any form or shape! But in the end we are limited by the client and our limited access to modifying it. There is so much potential in the game, but we cannot access it due to client limitations and a lot of nonsense being hard coded instead of LUA handled.
  5. Hey, I am in need of a skilled and experienced person on the Client side of Ragnarok. I need a kRO Zero Client (or very modern 2018+ kRO client as alternative, if kRo zero isnt possible to my liking). The client needs to be diffed (and most likely HEX edited to my liking, but only a little) to my liking. Feel free to use NEMO for the majority of the diffs. The client needs to come with a clean, fresh installation folder, with ONLY files required to run the game, no bloated extra stuff that does not belong inside the folder. Ideally the Client comes with a Patcher (Thor is fine), but It is not a requirement, but will be added to the pay out if done properly. A full installer should be prepared as well. Some diffs may not work and need to be edited (if possible) to make them work on new kRO Zero clients. In case of problems / instability i expect full support in resolving these issues or a replacement client that solves the issues. I do NOT want pre-configured clients that do not match my expectations and wishes. I may have some question about certain diffs (their actual usage eludes me sometimes) and hope you are supportive and answer my questions to your best ability. - Payment will be done via PayPal. - The payment will be discussed after the terms of work have been agreed upon by both parties. - You will be paid in proportion to the difficulty of the task, generally I am very generous when I pay my clients. - If you are doing a great job and everything goes well, I will most likely hire you again, which will help us both out in the future. - Most importantly - be professional. Contact info: Discord: Inzanity#1558 (Preferred) / Pm me on this Forum / Skype: inz4n33 (I rarely check it)
  6. Yes it would be skill related (a bunch / lot of them though, but can deal with them one by one, or in packet size, but with bigger dead lines). Could you add me on discord for further discussions?
  7. Can you let me know when you are avaible again? Can also add me on discord Inzanity#1558 @Myriad
  8. Still alive bro? :)

  9. Is this still alive? I cannot find it in the services section, neither with the forum search. @hemagx
  10. i wish the "all official files" grf was updated :X 2016 is a tad outdated for sprites and collction images :/
  11. Hey Dastgir! I got your contact from yug-webdev (on discord). I need someone to help me with client related modifications, and not just simple NEMO patching. More stuff like HEX editing unwanted features / buttons out of a client, picking the most suitable one for my needs (possibly a kRO zero client, if its stable enough) and general help on that front. Right now i am running a self patched 2017 client, but would like to upgrade to the newest stable client. Another part would be getting the client 100% ready so it can be protected by harmony, encrypted grf, or other client protection services and making sure everything runs smoothly. Would you be available for this kind of thing? If so please let me know your schedule and price (wont be an issue i think). Best regards Inzanity
  12. Zero client has glow on dropped items with rarity different inferface / ui. thats aas much as i know, client wise.
  13. Haha ok, if you prefer another messenger, let me know!
  14. Add me on discord Inzanity#1558 i got something for you maybe.