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    Inzanity got a reaction from Functor in How to check Skill ID's Client-Side   
    Brd / dancer was reworked after 2018-11-21b client.
    They no longer cast auras and instead apply Party buffs with a cast time. (thats why you have missing song effects and only see a cast animation)
    Gepard Shield has a function to restore this if you order his product.
    Else you can use a client up to 2018-11-21b.
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    Inzanity got a reaction from Daifuku in LF Developer [Script/Source/Experienced] (Can pay monthly)   
    Update 20-01-22 :
    - A few developers have contacted me and some of the tasks have been finished or are being looked at.

    - Monthly budget for january will be reached soon, so depending on the project that you can complete, i will only need 1 or 2 more devs to help me out.

    - In February i will be able to hire more people again (if necessary).

    - Feel free to contact me if interested!
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    Inzanity reacted to bWolfie in A Myriad of Services   
    Hi Inzanity,
    It would depend on the size of the request. I don't have a lot of time to test, so any sort of long script (like an event or quest) would be out of the question. Skill edits and custom functions don't take up too much time, so if you needed anything like that, I could be of service.
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    Inzanity got a reaction from [email protected] in [Yug-WebDev] Services [Web-Dev] [Server-Dev]   
    Really really nice guy! Helped me with everything. Quick response, very professional. Accepted extra work by teaching me how to do stuff...very patient. I am very happy and will definitely come back to @[email protected] if I need his service again!  5/5****
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