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  1. I am working on a script we're I would like to shout the name of the spawned mob, can anyone share the command I can use to get the name of monster from mobid. I am requesting a command similar to getitemname() Thanks in advance. *** ANSWER *** figured it out, strmobinfo(1,ID) is the command
  2. Azhura

    Skill Nerf

    Nerf the hp increase of that skill. For the skill max level modification is it on skill_db?
  3. Azhura

    Skill Nerf

    I would like to nerf the skill effect of some job specifically for Bard and Dancer. Where should I modify if I would like to nerf for example the skill effect of Idun's Apple? Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you! Didn't know we have this kind of option!
  5. I would like to use chatdori as antiflood but once they spam @refresh they are muted. Is there a way to enable the skill when under mute status? Basically they cannot chat during mute status but can still use skill.
  6. I appreciate your responses! Thank you so much!
  7. Anyone knows where can I disable this notification upon login? I checked on npc and config folder but no luck, can't find this specific notification.
  8. Thank you so much for that information! That solves my issues for the release.
  9. Thank you for your response I will use the latest revision and give the epoll another shot but as for my experience it didn't worked using Release v2018.12.16+1.
  10. Great work as always
  11. Yes I did enabled epoll but still limited to 1024, players are not able to connect.
  12. Anyone knows how to remove the concurrent connection limit on centos 7? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you so much. lan_subnets: ( "", // "", ) It's quite different, anyone know what should I replace from here?
  14. Where can I modify this line subnet: this was from rAthena and cant find it here at hercules I need to change it to subnet: for the port forwarding
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