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  1. Anyone has a guide or can help me on how to add hat effect? TIA Example: AegisName: "C_Blossom_Fluttering"
  2. Do we have an settings where we can set the boss monster drop to "Last Hit" instead of "Most Damage"? And if we have one, can we set it only for specific monster?
  3. Using the latest revision I want to change the color of the megaphone announcer, Anyone know where can I find the loudhailer function? Below is the current script Script: <" input @megaphone$; loudhailer(@megaphone$); end; ">
  4. Does using Screen when monitoring crash eats up resources? Currently I can't extract crash dump for some reason so I am stuck in running my map server on GDB then monitor it using SCREEN.
  5. I am currently using older version of our emulator, how can I exceed the maximum connection of 1024 manually? I am aware that latest versions are able to accommodate 3,000 but I am into older version. TIA
  6. Thank you so much, I appreciate your suggestion Found the answer, It should be accountID and not character ID
  7. Been playing around with the party match script created by @AnnieRuru and it has been helpful when hosting a rpc like matches with the server. Currently players can abuse it by performing outside buffs before the recall. I am trying to add a debuff before the recall but it seems like SC_END needs GID for it to be executed can anyone help me correct the callsub below? TIA My callsub Party match of AnnieRuru
  8. Anyone experienced lag when players abused the plant cultivation on mushrooms? Is it possible to limit it by maximum of 5 summons? TIA
  9. Thank you for your suggestion
  10. There are no configurations for this one? Thank you I'll just explore the src
  11. But I am planning to release other levels too.
  12. Anyone knows how to correctly limit the level in endless tower? for example I will only allow players to defeat until level 25. Tried to disable the warp function and it does work but is there a better way to limit it?
  13. I would like to nerf some skills like dispell and modify the scaling of the success rate based on skill level what is the correct way for this modification? Thank you in advance
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