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  1. I cloned the latest Hercules but it seems like it is still buggy with item skill and some features added like unable to trade while character is dead. Can anyone recommend a stable Hercules version for pre-renewal? Using 20151029 client
  2. Bump I also experience the cannot trade during dead
  3. How to disable itemlink on 2015-10-29 client. Other players are abusing it by sending fake custom item links.
  4. Is there a item script that can increase drop rate from all monster like bubblegum to a certain percentage? Thanks for the help
  5. How to disable achievement system? Tried to remove the list on achievement_db.conf but receiving error from emulator. Thank you in advance.
  6. I'm trying to install FluxCP on my webhost but it seems like it doesn't connect on my vps database. Do I need to open some port or something before the installation? I already opened the port 3306 I already modified the application.php & servers.php for the IP and credentials. Below is the error message but it only says connection timed out. Hope someone can answer. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi All, I currently checked out the latest version of Hercules. Can I use the latest on production with pre-renewal settings only? It should be stable since they don't update pre-renewal anymore right? Thanks!
  8. C H

    Revision Question

    How to get revision number? tried @version and this came out. Additional question, Are there lots of changes with the socket.c for the past year? If I used the new socket.c to old hercules version is it backwards compatible? TIA
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