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  1. Hello friends, I would like to know how do I activate the effect of Velum Claw on all maps, because it only activates in PvP maps. Thank you for your attention.
  2. Could you explain where I locate this to disable? The skill is active, but has no effect. The leap forward is not realized
  3. I would like to know how to activate this skill in PvP
  4. Do a brief installation tutorial, I believe it will help a lot! Good job, boy.
  5. Hello, I would like a script for Vips (group 1) called @buffs2 that would open options to enchant the weapon with: Poison, Holy, Wind, Shadow, Earth, Water and Fire
  6. Hello friends, I would like to know how to activate the Leap skill in pvp and woe, when I use it, it jumps and stays in the same place, it does not advance any cells forward
  7. Good evening, friends, I would like support to set up the order of enchantment. For example: // enchant list (Archer) setarray .enchant_list_3.4835.4836; Enchantment number 1 & 2 was just the first ID (in case 4835) and the 3rd and last spell was the last ID, (in case 4836) Thanks. prontera,161,173,3 script Encantador 933,{ mes "I can enchant "+getitemname( .faw_itemid ); mes " "; if( getequipid( EQI_GARMENT ) == .faw_itemid ){ [email protected] = getequiprefinerycnt( EQI_GARMENT ); for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < 4; [email protected]++ ) [email protected][[email protected]] = getequipcardid( EQI_GARMENT,[email protected] ); switch( select( "Enchant Item","Reset Enchant" ) ){ case 1: mes "Pick a slot to enchant."; mes "You may enchant more slot when you have higher refine."; [email protected] = select( ( [email protected][1] || [email protected] < 0 )?"":"Enchant Slot 1", ( [email protected][2] || [email protected] < 0 )?"":"Enchant Slot 2", ( [email protected][3] || [email protected] < 0 )?"":"Enchant Slot 3", "Cancel" ); if( [email protected] < 4 ){ mes "Pick Enchant Type"; [email protected] = select( .enchant_type_menu$ ) - 1; [email protected] = .enchant_list_size[[email protected]]; if( [email protected] ){ copyarray [email protected]_list[0],getd( ".enchant_list_"+( [email protected]+1 )+"[0]" ),[email protected]; if( [email protected] >= 9 ){ [email protected]_list[[email protected]] = .special_enchant[[email protected]]; [email protected]++; } delequip EQI_GARMENT; if( rand( 100 ) < .success_rate ){ setd( "[email protected]["[email protected]+"]" ),[email protected]_list[ rand( [email protected] ) ]; mes "Done, success to enchant the item."; getitem2 .faw_itemid,1,1,[email protected],0,[email protected][0],[email protected][1],[email protected][2],[email protected][3]; equip .faw_itemid; }else{ mes "Too bad, failed to enchant the item."; } } } break; case 2: mes "You need "+.enchant_reset_Zeny+" Zeny."; if( Zeny >= .enchant_reset_Zeny ){ if( select( "Confirm to reset all enchant ??","Cancel" ) == 1 ){ if( [email protected][1] && [email protected][2] && [email protected][3] ){ mes "Your item didnt have any enchanted item."; }else{ Zeny -= .enchant_reset_Zeny; delequip EQI_GARMENT; getitem2 .faw_itemid,1,1,[email protected],0,[email protected][0],0,0,0; equip .faw_itemid; mes "Done removed all enchanted item."; } } } default: break; } }else{ mes "Make sure you equiped with "+getitemname( .faw_itemid ); } close; OnInit: // FAW item id .faw_itemid = 2589; // enchant success rate .success_rate = 100; // enchant reset cost .enchant_reset_Zeny = 1000000; // enchant type category setarray .enchant_type$,"Fighting","Magic","Archer","Critical","MaxHP","MaxSP","ASPD","STR","AGI","DEX","VIT","INT","LUK"; // enchant list ( Fighting Spirit ) setarray .enchant_list_1,4809,4808,4820; // enchant list ( Magic ) setarray .enchant_list_2,4812,4827,4826; // enchant list ( Archer ) setarray .enchant_list_3,4835,4836; // enchant list ( Critical ) setarray .enchant_list_4,4764,4765; // enchant list ( Max HP ) setarray .enchant_list_5,4861,4862; // enchant list ( Max SP ) setarray .enchant_list_6,4870,4871; // enchant list ( ASPD ) setarray .enchant_list_7,4807,4842; // enchant list ( STR ) setarray .enchant_list_8,4702,4703,4705; // enchant list ( AGI ) setarray .enchant_list_9,4732,4733,4735; // enchant list ( DEX ) setarray .enchant_list_10,4722,4723,4725; // enchant list ( VIT ) setarray .enchant_list_11,4742,4743,4745; // enchant list ( INT ) setarray .enchant_list_12,4712,4713,4715; // enchant list ( LUK ) setarray .enchant_list_13,4752,4753,4755; // extra 1 special enchant for 3rd slot if refine above 9 ( follow by category sequences ) setarray .special_enchant,4821,4828,4835,4765,4868,4801,4807,4853,4854,4857,4855,4856,4858; .enchant_type_size = getarraysize( .enchant_type$ ); for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .enchant_type_size; [email protected]++ ){ .enchant_list_size[[email protected]] = getarraysize( getd( ".enchant_list_"+( [email protected]+1 ) ) ); if( !.enchant_list_size[[email protected]] ){ .enchant_type$[[email protected]] = ""; } else{ .enchant_type_menu$ = .enchant_type_menu$ + .enchant_type$[[email protected]]; } .enchant_type_menu$ = .enchant_type_menu$ + ":"; } end; }
  8. Hi friends, I would like to know how to edit the effect of EDP, when equipping a shield the effect will end. Thanks.
  9. But the damage is still variable. When removing cards of resistance to humanoids, the damage is increased. I would leave the fixed damage independent of racial defense.
  10. exactly that, ignore racial defense, everything.
  11. Hello friends, I would like to know how to use the fixed damage formula of the Gloria Domini ability(367 ID skill) in an item effect. In case for Samurai Specter Card. To apply fixed damage independent of racial defense (Thara Frog Card for exemple) Thank you all for responding.
  12. Hello friends of the community, I would like to know how to activate the Magnus Exorcismus skill in players, currently it only works with monsters. Thanks for listening
  13. Obrigado meu amigo, vou procurar e posto aqui se deu certo... Mas esse acréscimo não seria na esquiva perfeita?
  14. Amigo, mas no caso essas config seriam apenas para reduzir a penalidade da esquiva, não? Gostaria de aumentar a esquiva ganha ao usar pontos em "Agi" ou então a natural.