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  1. If the solution of the other user's doesn't work, increase the MAX_PET_DB in pet.h to like 3000. Of course, don't forget to recompile.
  2. Not there at all (as in a black map/floor), or hardly visable?
  3. I'm pressume here at this part. Although, I haven't modified any numbers here myself, so don't blame me if something goes wrong. //ATK_RATE scales the damage. 100 = no change. 50 is halved, 200 is doubled, etc#define ATK_RATE( a ) { wd.damage= wd.damage*(a)/100 ; if(flag.lh) wd.damage2= wd.damage2*(a)/100; }#define ATK_RATE2( a , b ) { wd.damage= wd.damage*(a)/100 ; if(flag.lh) wd.damage2= wd.damage2*(b)/100; }#define ATK_RATER(a){ wd.damage = wd.damage*(a)/100;}#define ATK_RATEL(a){ wd.damage2 = wd.damage2*(a)/100;}//Adds dmg%. 100 = +100% (double) damage. 10 = +10% damage#define ATK_ADDRATE( a ) { wd.damage+= wd.damage*(a)/100 ; if(flag.lh) wd.damage2+= wd.damage2*(a)/100; }#define ATK_ADDRATE2( a , b ) { wd.damage+= wd.damage*(a)/100 ; if(flag.lh) wd.damage2+= wd.damage2*(b)/100; }//Adds an absolute value to damage. 100 = +100 damage#define ATK_ADD( a ) { wd.damage+= a; if (flag.lh) wd.damage2+= a; }#define ATK_ADD2( a , b ) { wd.damage+= a; if (flag.lh) wd.damage2+= b; }
  4. Are you only talking about MATK or every skill in general? Here's the code to increase MATK based skills: (It's already modified because I was facing this issue as well - edit to your liking) Keep in mind though, if your Acid Demonstration is also based on MATK, you're gonna have to nerf that or Creators will be way too overpowered. :/ battle.c: //MATK_RATE scales the damage. 100 = no change. 50 is halved, 200 is doubled, etc#define MATK_RATE( a ) { ad.damage= ad.damage*(a)/40; }//Adds dmg%. 100 = +100% (double) damage. 10 = +10% damage#define MATK_ADDRATE( a ) { ad.damage+= ad.damage*(a)/40; }//Adds an absolute value to damage. 100 = +100 damage#define MATK_ADD( a ) { ad.damage+= a; }
  5. Thank you for adding those!
  6. Hello there, Hercules! I thought I might as well be more active on this forum seeing how I am running on Hercules myself now. Here my gift for you, a free map pack! This pack contains the following (7) maps: - Lunette V1.0 - Altzibar V1.0 - Crystilia - Flaris - Jazeera - Welgaia - War Cage [ ] - All the maps are in the playlist, 'cept for War Cage. That map is too small to actually make a video of. Please be so kind to consider one of my purchasable maps. It'll mean a lot to me. Special thanks: Syouji If Syouji didn't save these maps, they would've been lost after reformatting my computer. ^^; Thank you and have fun with the maps! ♥ Free Map Pack.rar
  7. Nope, I'm using Renewal. That's the weird part.
  8. Strange... I don't know about Valiente, but it still doesn't seem to work for me. The error message has changed though: Message: MySQL error (SQLSTATE: 42S22, ERROR: 1054): Unknown column 'matk' in 'field list' File: /public_html/cp/modules/item/index.php:297
  9. Same issue here. It worked fine with rAthena, but unfortunately it doesn't with Hercules. I ran it in de-bug mode and the following message was given: Message: MySQL error (SQLSTATE: 42S22, ERROR: 1054): Unknown column 'attack' in 'field list' public_html/cp/modules/item/index.php:276 Quick edit, oh... I just read you posted another thread stating the same issue. My bad.
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