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  1. So I tested everything, I left as @meko had quoted above. I complied and left the server ON. I felt a bit of LAG but I believe it was from VPS. After I tested what you say about ALL_SAMEMAP I also tested, hence came the doubt whether it was possible to do what I quoted above. Thanks to all who have given a help, I believe they can close, Resolved.
  2. The message is going the way I want however it is being duplicated in the Chat of whoever sends it, would you know how to withdraw? Edit: It would basically hide the first message that appears in the Chat and leave the Global visible, and show above the character head. PS: Sorry for the delay in answering.
  3. @Myriad That's what I want, I want to cover the whole area of the map, or at least a good part. As soon as I get home I will be testing everything and ask for the closing of the topic if there is no doubt. It's not what I'm looking for, I even have an NPC that players trade items through. What I want is exactly what @Myriad said above.
  4. I tried the second one that you say, but something bothered me, it keeps appearing, [#channel] name: <message>, and needed to type #channel in the PM Text Box. Regarding the first thing you said, chat_area_size, could you give an example of what it would look like? Edit: Sorry, I did not see you placed a link xD
  5. Hello! I have a problem and I have no idea how to solve it. I want to increase the area where main chat captures conversations. The way it is here it just picks up conversations from players next to each other, I want them to capture every conversation on the map the player is on, regardless of which position is on the map. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? PS: I believe that the modification will be in source, if not I ask that they move to the correct area.
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