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  1. packet capture tool for official npc message, effect, pos, and monstar battle log. create official script support(ex. input long long message...) Ill tested in jRO and iRO url jRO iRO
  2. Hello, Hercules:) I make rockridge town script, but jRO official dialog it. and script format is Auriga emulator coding. Many incomplete... Please support me trancelate and hercules coding fix. Thx *These scripts are created by packet capture, and the pos, dir, viewid, dialog, etc of captured jRO.npc sorted of unitid. **LINK** https://github.com/refis/ScriptDustbox/blob/master/Auriga/town/npc_town_rockridge.sc
  3. hay, hercules. This file will automatically generate necessary information for itemInfo.lub from GRF and generate it.(ex. jRO) But, there is a possibility that a bug exists in this file, It contains source code for this fix and you can freely modify the code. sory, google translation text...im not good at English... gii_project.zip
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