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  1. sorry for bumping this. can you make this as plugin?
  2. Jaytz


    can someone make this a plugin?
  3. do you have any fb account/discord or skype so that we can talk as soon as possible?
  4. im sorry if i bump this topic. i use this plugin today then run on gdb because map server has randomly crash after i add this. on this line my map server crashes struct map_session_data *guild_sd = map->id2sd( g->member[j].account_id );
  5. Jaytz


    is this posible or can someone make this to @command? if a player turns on @noviewid player will not see any headgears/costumes on another players or on his area even his headgear https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/compare/d9a19c93322d...f426844acb39
  6. tried this with woe. when you get hit and other guild breaks emperium, some of player will warp out
  7. Can you please check our inbox or put your discord or skype in your post? so that we can reach you asap.
  8. Already sent you a message sir, please check your inbox. Thank you in advance!
  9. Jaytz

    gypsy soul link

    i'm using latest hercules and as you can see from the picture, this happens when i soul link a gypsy. any suggestions? PS the clown is good. edit: fixed thanks
  10. - script test -1,{ OnMinute10: if( strcharinfo(PC_MAP) == "amatsu" ){ mes "Hello!"; close; } end; } is this right? i want to trigger npc script every 10minutes in specific map but this code is not working for me
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